Growing Matters: The Importance of Neonicotinoids

Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Growing Matters: The Importance of Neonicotinoids

Author: Charlotte Duren

“What would happen if ….?”

That’s a question we often ask, but did you know there’s a name for that thought process? It’s called counterfactual logic and that was the approach to an independent study on the socio-economic benefits of neonicotinoid insecticides in North America.

The study was based on answering, “What would happen if neonicotinoids were not available?” Reports from the study answer that question through a lot of research data that considers the question from different angles. It’s an important question to consider because neonics are the largest selling insecticides in the world and are currently undergoing scrutiny in registration review.

The study was commissioned over a year ago by Bayer, Syngenta and Valent – all companies that offer products with neonicotinoids as the active ingredient. Those three companies have formed a coalition called Growing Matters.

The first few reports from the study posted at cover:
o How neonics are essential in battling a deadly disease afflicting Florida citrus (often called “citrus greening”), 
o How neonics help grow cotton and bolster economic trade, and 
o What growers think about their insecticide options and what would happen if options were taken away from them.

Keep checking the website as all 13 reports along with videos, infographics and fact sheets are issued in coming weeks. If you have questions on this initiative, please contact


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