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Monday, October 6, 2014
Bayer CropScience - Women in Agriculture Blog Post Series

By: Leslie Allen, Bayer CropScience Export Representative

Even though I had a MBA when I came to the U.S., I literally had to start from zero. I held various positions in state government before moving to the international department at N.C. State University. While I was there, I discovered Bayer CropScience. Back in my home town in Mexico, the name Bayer is one of the most influential brands, and I knew that a job at Bayer would be a great opportunity for me.


My grandfather was a farmer, and I have a high level of respect for all farmers. Farmers not only combine knowledge about soil and weather, but nowadays, it seems they also have to understand chemistry, marketing, human resources and much more. I am glad that we as a company are lending a helping hand to farmers, improving our products and allowing the population to have access to good and quality food.


I began my professional career at Bayer CropScience as the Executive Assistant to the VP of Product Supply.  My language skills came in handy when we dealt with colleagues from Latin America.  During this period in an entry-level position, I learned a lot about the company and our customers, and had the opportunity to meet with growers and visit distribution centers. I had the chance to visit the caves in Kansas City and different plants and greenhouses throughout the country. I was able to see the complete process of our products, from their development in the labs to how the farmers use them to improve their crops.


At the beginning of 2014, I accepted a position as an Export Representative in the International Logistics department.  As a Bayer CropScience employee, I appreciate the support we receive for our own professional development.  By doing my work, I feel that I am part of a larger chain that is creating innovative solutions for the ongoing challenge of feeding the global population.  


I enjoy interacting with people and seeing my coworkers outside of their “work life,” which is why I joined two groups at Bayer: the Diversity Council and Employee Connections. We help organize a variety of fun events for employees and their families. Currently, I’m working on a new initiative to open a support group for moms in the RTP office.


I believe that Bayer is one of the best companies to work for, not only for what we do, but also, for the people that are part of it. This week is my 5th year anniversary at Bayer CropScience. I will be glad to look back when it’s my 30th year and realize all the things I, and Bayer, have done.



Leslie Allen, Bayer CropScience Export RepresentativeLeslie Allen has worked for Bayer CropScience for more than five years and currently holds a position as an Export Representative with the International Logistics Team in Supply Chain. Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Leslie moved to the U.S. in 2006. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations and a MBA. She enjoys learning about other cultures, running, spending time with family, and taking her dog, Cooper, for long walks.






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