"The Farm Team" Goes to BlogHer 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014
The Farm Team Goes to BlogHer 2014

By: Sarah Ross, from Sara’s House HD

A few weeks ago, I had a fantastic opportunity to attend the 2014 BlogHer Conference in San Jose, CA. Not only was I extremely excited to attend the BlogHer Conference, I was looking forward to meeting a lot of bloggers that I already "knew" through social media and new ones too!  

Kristin from Local Farm Mom and I arrived a day early. We explored San Jose that afternoon and attended the PathFinder Day sessions the next day before the actual BlogHer Conference began.  We both learned a lot and felt that the sessions were valuable to us as somewhat new bloggers. (I've been blogging almost four years, but still have so much to learn!)


There was a group of ag bloggers that we dubbed “The Farm Team” that were attended this year's BlogHer Conference. On Thursday evening, Kristin and I meet up with two of them,  Colleen from Growin a Home and Katie from The Pinke Post.  If you remember from a post a few weeks ago, the theme of this year’s BlogHer Conference was #Selfibration.  You will be seeing quite a few "selfies" here today. 

Some of the BlogHer    

Later that evening, we had a chance to eat dinner with Jeff Donald and the rest of the "Farm Team". It was an absolutely gorgeous evening to be sitting outside in San Jose.

San Jose sunset at BlogHer 

Over dinner we had a lot of great discussions about raising crops and livestock, consumers' concerns about where their food comes from, conventional foods, organic foods, genetically modified foods, conservation practices, etc.

BlogHer Dinner in San Jose 

In the picture above is Holly, myself, Jeff, Kristin from Local Farm Mom in Ohio, Debbie from Kids, Cows, and Grass in Kansas, Colleen from Growin a Home in California, Katie from The Pinke Post in North Dakota, Leah from Beyer Beware in Indiana, Janice from Janice Person in Missouri, and Brenda from BG Garden in Ohio.

The next day  at the BlogHer Conference, there were some fantastic keynote speakers and breakout sessions.  The trade show was also open and we spent some time talking to different companies about their products.

One of my favorite companies  was StitchFix! I loved learning about the company and hope to meet up with them again when I visit San Francisco next month.

Throughout the BlogHer Conference, there were some really great, motivational, and inspirational speakers. Some of my favorites were Arriana Huffington from Huffington Post, Guy Kawasaki, and Kerry Washington from ABC's Scandal.  

I'm so glad I had the opportunity to attend. I met so many wonderful people. I know I made some lifelong friendships there and I look forward to see where our brainstorming session takes us. I also had many chances to talk with other bloggers about our family farm and the way we raise our crops and livestock. They were very excited to talk to farmers and learn about modern day farming.


A big thanks goes out to Bayer CropScience and also Monsanto. I enjoyed getting to know you all and conversing over some meals! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to hear where the 2015 BlogHer Conference will be so I can put it on my calendar for next year!


Some of the BlogHer



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