Bayer CropScience Helps Growers CARE for Crops and Bees

Tuesday, April 21, 2015
Bayer helps growers care for crops and bees

Author: Becky Langer   


Bayer CropScience is focused on growing a healthier world through agricultural sustainability all year long.  Sustainability in a key component in all aspects of the business including product innovation, research, and education.  We are developing groundbreaking crop protection products (such as ILeVO and Poncho/VOTiVO seed treatments), we are devoted to honey bee research and education at the Bayer Bee Care Program, and have been investing in research and development since 2011.  


This April, we are highlighting/celebrating the 3rd year of the CARE program. CARE is aimed at supporting the ongoing collaboration between growers and beekeepers and the critical role they both play in feeding a growing planet and being good stewards of the environment.  


The CARE program focuses on key steps to take while planting treated seeds to sustain the environment and maximize the health of crops.  By following the label use instructions, adopting best practices for applying seed treatments, and ensuring proper product storage and disposal, growers can help minimize their impact on the environment and help preserve beneficial insects, continuing their essential role as stewards for a more productive and healthier world.


With are committed to helping farmers CARE for the land we all love and our families need.  You can help us grow a healthier world by following the CARE acronym for planting:  


C – Communicate
CARE communicate 
Communicate planting activities to neighboring beekeepers when practical, and be aware of beehives adjacent to the planting area.


A – Awareness
CARE awareness 
Be aware of wind speed and direction during planting, particularly in areas with flowering crops.


R – Reduce
CARE reduce 
Help reduce potential risk to pollinators by using Fluency Agent, a new seed lubricant for corn and soybeans.


E – Ensure
CARE ensure 
Ensure seed is planted correctly. To help protect the environment, clean planters and seed boxes in a way to minimize dust release and ensure treated seed is planted at the proper depth.


“Growers are among the greatest stewards of our environment, and Bayer CropScience supports them as they take CARE to produce the food, fuel and fiber needed for our growing world population. It’s our mission to help our fields and communities thrive in order to meet this challenge, and bees play a vital role in helping farmers establish a healthy harvest in a sustainable manner.”
-    Kevin Adam, Bayer CropScience


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