7 Lessons Learned at a Soybean Field Day

Monday, December 28, 2015
By: Adam Frantz, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, Sr. Technical Sales Rep
7 lessons learned at a soybean field

Growers from Ohio, Michigan and other surrounding states had the opportunity to attend a soybean field day in Troy, Ohio where they experienced Crop Science’s soybean portfolio. While highlighting the launch of the Credenz® soybean brand, innovative seed treatments like Poncho® / VOTiVO® and ILeVO®, Stratego® YLD foliar fungicide and herbicide technologies to control tough weeds, we were able to talk with growers, learn about their farms and show them options to protect their soybeans.

Here is an inside look at the 7 lessons growers learned while on their soybean field tour in Troy, OH:

1. Having trait choice is a great choice!

Growers took a look at Bayer’s first global soybean seed brand Credenz and are looking forward to integrating it into their farming operation.

Growers speak about Bayer innovative soybean traits

2. Credenz soybeans are bred to thrive in diverse field types.

Credenz soybeans thrive in diverse field types and are available with the LibertyLink® trait, which combines high-performing genetics with the power of Liberty® herbicide for excellent control of even the toughest weeds.

Credenz soybean field with LibertyLink trait 

3. ILeVO is the first and only seed treatment for SDS and SCN.

"ILeVO is the only product labeled for SDS and SCN that will give you (yield) benefit regardless of pressure in your field" –Rodney Tocco - Crop Science, a Division of Bayer

ILeVO expert speaks in soybean field

4. Growers should spray the weeds in the fall season if possible.

Start clean! Get the weeds sprayed in the fall of the year if you can. If we go through a year like we had 5 years ago where marestail never went dormant it didn’t grow height wise but it stacked the leaves up- we can’t control them in the spring because you can’t get good enough coverage.” –Bob Gibbs- Crop Science, a Division of Bayer

Growers gather to learn about soybean innovations

5. We are developing and have more tools available to us to control diseases like Septoria brown spot.

We have more tools available to us to control diseases like Septoria brown spot and get us to our max yield potential. Stratego YLD offers two modes of action; with its preventive and curative activities and its unique product movement characteristics Stratego YLD provides broad-spectrum, long-lasting disease control and higher yield potential.

Bayer speaks on soybean performance products

6. ILeVO treated soybeans are keeping the Sudden Death Syndrome out of the beans!

Poncho/VOTiVO + ILeVO treated beans were compared to I2 different varieties from multiple seed companies. For the best in soybean protection, pair ILeVO with Poncho/VOTiVO for unmatched control of the SDS fungus, nematodes and insects.

Green soybean field treated with ILeVO

7. The LibertyLink Real Yield Game gives growers a chance to win huge prizes!

Playing the LibertyLink Real Yield Game gives you a chance to instantly win a 2015 John Deere combine or a 1 year supply of LibertyLink soybeans and Liberty herbicide

Tractor prize for LibertyLink Real Yield Game

Are you #soyexcited and want to learn more? Check out the video below to learn more about the event or visit the Crop Science US website to see all your options to protect your soybeans and improve yield!

If you have any questions leave them in the comments below or reach out to us on Twitter at @Bayer4CropsUS.

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