Burrus Demos Bayer CropScience Fluency Agent

Thursday, February 12, 2015
Fluency agent crops in field

By: Stephanie Porter, Burrus Sales Agronomist


Burrus Hybrids®, an American, fourth-generation, farm-family owned seed company, recently demoed our Fluency Agent. Fluency Agent is a seed lubricant for corn and soybean seeds, which is designed to replace standard talc and graphite planter seed lubricants.


Stephanie Porter, a Burrus Sales Agronomist, shared the results in a recent blog post. Here are a couple of the highlights:
  • 99% of growers responding noted that differences in the condition of their planter mechanism such as wear on disc/plate, etc was equal to or better than their current lubricant.
  • 92% of growers said that planter cleanup was equal to or easier than with their current lubricant.

Stephanie comments, “This product is amazingly slick and will work on seed corn and soybeans replacing either talc or graphite.”


We were thrilled to hear about the positive results and look forward to hearing more testimonials from growers.


Read the full post on the “Think Burrus®” blog: http://blog.thinkburrus.com/2015/01/burrus-demos-bayer-fluency-lubricant.html.


For more information on the Fluency Agency, visit the https://www.bayercropscience.us/news/press-releases/2014/02252014-0037-bcs-announces-commerical-availability-of-fluency-agent.


Stephanie PorterAbout the author:
Stephanie Porter is a Burrus Sales Agronomist and serves on the Illinois Arborist Association Board.






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