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Friday, June 12, 2015
Drive Across America AgriWomen

Author: Ashley Holland


We are happy to announce our partnership with American Agri-Women – and open the doors of the Bayer Bee Care Center as a stop on the “Drive Across America.”


American Agri-Women (AAW) is an incredibly important organization in our country – promoting the welfare of our national security through a safe and reliable food, fiber and mineral supply.  The AAW has been working together since 1974 to educate consumers, advocate for agriculture, and offer professional development opportunities.


This summer, they are celebrating 40 years of agriculture agvocacy with their “Drive Across America.”  They will be traveling across the country for five months, participating in educational and advocacy events hosted by AAW’s affiliates.  


We are lucky enough to host one of the stops in Research Triangle Park.  The Drive stops by the Bayer Bee Care Center today, Friday, June 12th for a special event to promote the company’s efforts on pollinator health.  


“Pollinators are critical to the future of the world’s food supply and we commend Bayer CropScience for their commitment to research and recommendations for sound, science-based, sustainable management practices.  We’re so pleased to partner with Bayer CropScience and the Feed a Bee program. All of us can play a role in establishing habitats for honey bees. It’s a simple as planting a flower and we plan to plant many seeds on our Drive Across America.”

                                                                                       - Sue McCrum, AAW President


The Bayer North American Bee Care Center brings together some of the brightest minds in agriculture and apiology to work towards comprehensive solutions for bee health.  The center includes a full laboratory, honey extraction and hive maintenance space, interactive learning center, and meeting/presentation facilities for beekeepers, farmers, and educators. 

We are proud to be part of this journey and help promote agvocacy across our country.  


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