11 Bloggers You Should Be Following

Friday, June 19, 2015
11 Blogs you should follow

By: Jeff Donald  


Whether you are looking for great photos, delicious recipes, well-crafted personal stores, life advice, or tips for the farm – we have the blogger for you.


At Bayer CropScience, we follow a large group of bloggers from across the country.  We have explored the blogger landscape – poured through images and posts, and have assembled a list of our favorites.  Here are some quality accounts you should follow – and be sure to click the links to explore further!   


The Farmers Life
By Brian Scott

Brian Scott is an Indiana farmer and a graduate of Purdue University’s College of Agriculture.  His blog takes you through daily activities of a farm (with crops including corn, soybean and wheat) as well as explores emerging technologies in mobile and biotech.    


The Magic Farmhouse
By Jenny Schweigert

With the tagline - “Love More. Laugh More. Live More.” – this blog provides an optimistic view of family life on the farm.  Mother of three and executive director of the Ag Chat Foundation, Jenny Schweigert tackles topics from raising boys, to buying ducks, to tips for female deer hunters.   


Jent’s Front Porch
By Jennifer Campbell

A “farmers daughter, farmers wife, and farm mom” - Jennifer Campbell is married to a 6th generation farmer, and leads a 7th generation farm family.  Her post include personal stories, recipes, and excellent farm photography (specifically of #myboots).


By Jane Lukens

GriggsDakota follows the life of Jane and Fred as they lead their fifth generation family farm in North Dakota.  Chock full of wonderful farm photos, this blog is a great educational tool for what life is truly like on the farm.


The Pinke Post
By Katie Pinke

Katie Pinke, the child of the GriggsDakota family, writes The Pinke Post which centers on her fifth generation North Dakota farming family.  Katie is a fantastic writer, whose posts range from recipes and highlights of women in agriculture, to stories from life on the prairie with three kids.


Local Farm Mom
By Kristen Reese

Kristen is a self-proclaimed “foodie and farmer” – with a blog about both! Her posts include stories from raising sheep and poultry and her blog is full of delicious recipes you must try.  


High Heels and Shotgun Shells
By Danielle Hayden

We were immediately attracted to this blog, right from the name.  Photographer, writer, and Oklahoma State graduate Danielle Hayden tackles problems of everyday life on the farm.  She keeps posts interesting with lots of photography and the occasional funny meme.  


Rural Gone Urban
By Brooke Haney

Brooke Haney was “raised on Rural Route 3” – and has since made her way to Austin, Texas.  Her blog includes travel stories, personal experiences, and great photos as she explores life beyond the farm.  (Brooke also has an awesome Instagram account to follow!)


Food & Swine
By Cristen Slings Clark

Cristen is a 6th generation Iowa farm girl with a passion for food.  Her blog has an impressive style, split cleanly into four sections: Family, Farm, Food, and Swine. It includes great photos, and most important delicious recipes.  


Sara's House
By Sara Baldonado Ross

Sara’s House is a blog centered around life on a family farm in southwest Iowa.  It includes recipes, photos, and life lessons from raising two adorable young boys.  


Fancy in the Country
By Katie Thomas Glick

As a farmer’s daughter and farmer’s wife, Katie writes a blend of posts about both fancy things and country life – all with an undertone of true patriotism and passion for agriculture. 


Bayer CropScience is excited to host a handful of these bloggers for a tour at the Research Triangle Park headquarters next week.  For updates, follow along with the hashtag #BCSinRTP.  




  • Carl said:
    8/21/2015 5:05 PM

    Great selection of blogs to follow. I didn't see one from an orange grove family. Maybe I missed it. I'm reaching out to all orange grove families and companies affected by Citrus Greening to offer help. We have just patented our formula that treats the HLB disease. Our formula permeates the cuticle and grow systemically in the plant's vasculature allowing the plant to successfully defend itself against the pathogen. Our foliar spray also kills the HLB bug within 24 to 48 hours after the attempted feeding. The formula also successfully treats Cankor as well. Anyway, if you do read this comment, please feel free to relay the messages to those orange grove families that, if they need help, we can offer free supplies. -Thanks, Brett

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