Meet Youth Ag Summit Delegate, Katelyn Mann

Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Katelyn Mann Youth Ag Summit

By: Katelyn Mann


Meet Katelyn Mann, the third of four delegates selected to represent the U.S. at this year’s Youth Ag Summit. At the summit, 100 of the world’s top young minds will work together on solutions for feeding a growing world population.


As an 18 year old deeply passionate about agriculture and agroecology, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with young leaders from across the globe with mutual interests and the same goals of finding solutions for food system problems that are affecting us now and will greatly affect our futures. As a delegate at the Global Youth-Ag Summit in Australia in August, I will bring open ears, motivation to collaborate and brainstorm, and a perspective familiar with a diverse range of sustainable agriculture models in the U.S.


Living in ten states and becoming involved in the sustainable agriculture movement at fourteen, I witnessed many of the food chain links in the United States. I experienced the challenges facing family farmers and observed their resilience during a farm internship. Working at farmers markets and in restaurants, I took part in the distribution of food and saw the waste generated in food service. In school garden education, I saw the lack of knowledge children have of food sources and farming. Currently amidst an educational gap year before studying Sustainable Food Systems at Green Mountain College in Vermont, my perspective is expanding globally. For six months I worked with an organic dairy cooperative in Peru and a conservation coffee farm in Ecuador studying community-based development and agroecology. Now as an educational intern with the Washington Youth Garden in the U.S. capitol, Washington, D.C., I am learning the logistics of urban food access and child food education.  


All of the delegates at this conference will have diverse backgrounds and valuable knowledge to add to the collective brainstorming. The Summit will allow youth leaders in agriculture to collaborate and develop a global youth voice to speak up about the problems we face. We have the power to see and implement solutions, and to work towards repairing our flawed global food system together- with the passion characteristic only of those who will face the problems in the future. I am excited and grateful to have the opportunity to work with the other delegates, and add my vision of how to feed the growing population into the brainstorming pool.


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  • Dave Victor said:
    6/27/2015 1:21 AM

    Go Katelyn!!!! Good job Proud of ya!!!!! Dave Victor (Bill's friend)

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