National Ag Day 2015 – Sustaining Future Generations

Wednesday, March 18, 2015
National Ag day is March 18th

By: Cory Wightman, Deputy Director of External Communications


Happy National Ag Day!


National Ag Day aims to celebrate the people who work hard all year round to bring food to our tables.  We celebrate everyone from the wheat growers and the cattle raisers, to the ag bloggers and media who keep the world up to date with industry news and spread the story of ag. We’d like to thank everyone who plays a part in helping to sustain future generations.


Specifically, we’d like to call attention to the growers we’ve recognized in the last five years through our Young Farmer Sustainability Award. The award recognizes young agricultural producers who demonstrate excellence in business and environmental sustainability.


2011Ryan Kirby, cotton and grain producer of Louisiana, explained his guiding philosophy, “Sustainability in agriculture as a whole is the ability of agriculture to feed the entire world population without sacrificing the long term viability or health of anything that agriculture affects, from the farmer to the consumer to the environment.”


2012John Shepherd, of Blackstone, Virginia won the award at just 27 years old. He showed initiative and leadership by expressing, “Sustainable farming is not only about making a profit, but being a good steward of the land for future generations.”


2013Jeremy Jack of Mississippi runs his farm with his sister. Their parents founded their farm over 30 years ago and they attribute their success to getting the most of the land and cultivating a great team.


2014Bryan Boll of Minnesota grew his operation from 800 acres of row crops to 5,000 acres, and adopted state-of-the-art conservation practices to protect the land for his community, family and future generations. We value his commitment to technology and sustainability.


2015Andrew Fansler is a first generation farmer from Indiana.  Fueled by a desire to reduce the operation’s footprint and enhance the quality of his land, Fansler and his team employ environmental sustainability measures in the field, including no-till, crop rotations, and environmental-conscious nutrition practices.  


At Bayer CropScience, we strive to recognize industry leaders all year round in a variety of ways. We awarded our first Produce Innovation Award this year to Chalmers Carr III, owner and president of Titan Farms in Ridge Springs, SC. Carr is a first-generation farmer and manages 6,100 acres of peaches, peppers and broccoli on an operation that spans over 20 miles. His achievements in the areas of improving product quality, increasing market demand, supporting consumer education on health benefits and increasing the accessibility of produce to more people exemplify the spirit of innovation the Produce Innovation Award is designed to honor.


We are very proud of not only the growers mentioned above but also everyone who plays a part in the industry. Today, we challenge everyone to thank three people on social media that are helping to sustain future generations. Tweet a thank you or snap a photo on Instagram and use #AgDay2015 and mention @Bayer4CropsUS.



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