Get Your Game On: Analyzing 2014 to Deliver a Winning Season in 2015

Thursday, March 19, 2015
Analyzing 2014 to Deliver a Winning Season in 2015

Author: Jody Wynia —U.S. Corn Marketing Manager, Bayer CropScience


When the first college playoff series is in the books, coaches are crunching stats and already preparing to recruit for the fall season. Whether they are identifying gaps that need to be filled or how to bolster strengths, they are challenging themselves to have an even more successful season in 2015.


Farmers are much like college football coaches in the way they calculate and adjust strategies for success year-round — only your season’s winning record is determined by crop prices, yield and plant health, instead of conference rankings, touchdowns, and tackles. Also like college football coaches, you are looking forward to the next season with anticipation. You might not get to build a new roster each spring, but you can build a better operation by utilizing the latest technology, increasing efficiency and maximizing yield.


A winning season doesn’t begin with walking out to the field during fall and revving up the combine, though. It starts during the previous harvest, when planning begins. It takes diligence, both on and off the field.  It takes strategy, from the past season to the next.


A winning season starts from one harvest to another and cycles onward. In corn, a recommended two-pass program starts with a preemergence application of Corvus® herbicide. The second pass could include a postemergence product such as Capreno® herbicide. Another postemergence product is Laudis® herbicide. If using Laudis following an application of Corvus, add another herbicide with a different mode of action, such as atrazine, to ensure you are using multiple modes of action in your weed control.


If you do apply Laudis as the second pass of a two-pass program, consider including a fungicide in the tankmix, too.


For example, after the corn has reached the four-leaf growth stage, Stratego® YLD can be added to the Laudis tankmix, optimizing weed and disease control with fewer passes. With the synergistic impact of Laudis and Stratego YLD, yield increased an average of 15 bushels per acre on over 70 trials, as depicted in the chart below:

Strategy YLD chart

In our article, “2014 Season Highs & Lows Impact Profitability,” we discuss how the 2014 corn and soybean industry has been affected by regional weather conditions and record yield, the implications of new farm bill programs now through 2018 and how lower commodity prices will impact 2015 acreage. Last summer and fall, the economics on soybeans versus corn pointed toward planting more soybeans in 2015. But when you look at the current economics on corn versus soybeans for 2015, they continue to trend to a more favorable position for corn than what was estimated last summer and fall. Get your game on and read on.





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