N.C. Governor Proclaims April 27 as Honey Bee Day

Friday, May 1, 2015
Bayer's Jim Blome with Governor Procolomation

Author: Charlotte Duren, Bee Health Communications


At the recent celebration of the Bayer Bee Care Center one-year anniversary, Dr. Richard Reich, North Carolina Agricultural Services assistant commissioner (right), presented an official State of North Carolina proclamation to Jim Blome, Bayer CropScience president and CEO (left).


The proclamation from North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory declared April 27 as “Honey Bee Day,” in honor of the one-year anniversary and the work done at the Center and across the state to promote pollinators.


Honey bees play a vital role in our agricultural system and are important contributors to the beauty and productivity of our urban landscapes and backyard gardens. Did you know that honey bees visit up to 5,000 flowers in a single day? They help to pollinate one of every three bites of food that we eat, pollinating many of the fruits, nuts and vegetables that contribute to a healthy diet.


At the Bee Care Center anniversary celebration, Dr. Reich led the audience in a “Happy Honey Bee Day” song (to the tune of Happy Birthday to You).  It was a fun tribute to these helpful little creatures! In honor of North Carolina’s Honey Bee Day, find out how you can help bees (go to FeedABee.com) for all they do for us.





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