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Friday, May 15, 2015
Healthy Trees For Life 2015

By: Elanna Reiss, Brand Manager at Bayer Advanced


Last year, Bayer Advanced launched the Healthy Trees for Life initiative to educate consumers on the importance of tree health and the best practices to protect trees, both young and old, from devastating tree pests.  Tree pests have cost individuals and municipalities millions of dollars, and will continue to unless we properly protect our trees. One recent example, the emerald ash borer, has already destroyed tens of millions of ash trees across 27 states.



The initiative proved extremely valuable – we developed relationships with important community organizations, and lent our expertise to the hundreds of residents we spoke to about tree health. We also provided support to organizations in their tree planting and tree health initiatives.


Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received, we were eager to extend Healthy Trees for Life into 2015, and we have gotten off to an exciting start. This spring, we spent time in Kansas City, MO, as well as Philadelphia, PA, partnering with area organizations to give away nearly 600 trees to residents.  


As residents picked up their trees, we demonstrated how to care for these young trees and gave them resources to promote strong growth and protect against pests.  In addition, we raised awareness about the emerald ash borer and urged residents to examine their older trees for signs of the pest.


In addition to tree giveaways at local parks, we have also worked with some of our retail partners to raise awareness. In Davidsonville, MD and well as Philadelphia, our experts spoke with shopping homeowners about the emerald ash borer, as well as answered queries about the trees and shrubs in their backyards. In addition, we distributed free Bayer Advanced product and gave away tree care materials.


And we’re not done – we’ll be heading to Denver later this month to continue spreading the word. And through our longstanding partnership with Arbor Day Foundation, we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that our country’s trees stay healthy for life.


If you’d like to get your community involved with Healthy Trees for life, please let us know here.


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