Feed a Bee Reaches 50 Million Flowers for the Bees!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Bayer Feed a Bee plants 50 million flowers

By: Dr. Becky Langer


This year, we set out to grow 50 million flowers for bees to feast on, and we are proud to announce – with your overwhelming support – we have reached this goal!


We recently launched the Feed a Bee initiative in February to increase forage for honey bees and other pollinators.  Our mission was to plant 50 million flowers and provide additional forage acreage to improve pollinator health.  


Since initiation in February, we have been overwhelmed with support and positivity for the bees.  It has been incredible to see the growing conversation with the use of #FeedABee across social channels.  Hundreds of thousands of people have ordered seed packets or requested Bayer to plant seeds on their “bee-half,” and thousands more have committed to grow bee attractant plants in their own homes and gardens.  


Thank YOU for helping us reach 50 million flowers to increase forage areas for all pollinators, especially the honey bee.  More flowers means healthier bees! Food will be closer to home, habitats will have increased diversity, and there will be more food for pollinators to eat.    


Because of this large amount of support, many seed orders that have been placed this spring will ship early June. We apologize for any inconvenience, but encourage you to plant your flowers once you receive them.


Now that we have reached 50 million, it’s time to start planting and sharing! Even if you were not able to order a packet of our pollinator wildflower mix, growing bee-attractant flowers, vegetables, and fruits is one of the best things you can do to help the bees. Click here for a list of the best bee-attractant flowers to include in your garden.


Join the conversation online using #FeedABee.  Let us know how you are helping the bees, share photos of your new garden, and connect with the bee health community by using the hashtag #FeedABee.  


To learn more about pollinator health through bi-weekly updates, sign up for our newsletter on FeedABee.com.  As always, you can learn more about how to support the bees at beehealth.bayer.us.  





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