We’re Thankful 4 the Folks Behind Our Food, Fuel and Fiber

Wednesday, November 11, 2015
By: Jeff Donald, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, External Communications
Be thankful for ag and farmers this season

In today’s world, people are increasingly interested in how the food on their plates got there. Was it locally-sourced? Was it farmed sustainably?

What many people fail to recognize is that behind every bite of food we eat stands one of the 2.6 million American farmers. These men and women rarely get the credit they deserve for all they do to feed, clothe and fuel us.

Fancy in the Country blogger Katie Mae, a farmer’s daughter herself, admits that, while she always appreciates the food on her table, even she sometimes forgets to think about the people who helped it get there. In her recent blog post, she shares who in Ag she is thankful for and why the lessons that person taught her still resonate with her today.

Check out Katie’s #Thankful4Ag blog post, then, visit www.Thankful4Ag.com to discover what kind of crop you were born to grow and to celebrate meeting our goal of donating 330,000 meals to those in need, in partnership with Feeding America®!


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