NxGen Ag Students Participate in Real World Agriculture and Biotech Scenarios

Friday, October 23, 2015
Making the world better with ag literacy

By: Valaree Lund, Regulatory Compliance Specialist


On October 23rd, 5 local High Schools will be participating in the 2nd NxGen Ag Event hosted by Bayer CropScience in conjunction with Ag Literacy Week.  BCS will be hosting roughly 50 students currently enrolled in either a biotechnology science class or a member of The National FFA Organization.  The NxGen Ag program is a one day event that takes each student through the life journey of a brand new much needed agriculture crop seed or the development of a new conventional agricultural chemical product.  


This program is a great way to expose the students to some real world scenarios and career paths within the ag/biotech world. The program itself is set up almost like the game monopoly.  Students from the 5 different schools will break up into teams and work through the real life scenarios of a product of their choice that will benefit agriculture on either a local and/or global scale. These products can range from genetically modified crop seeds or herbicides/insecticides to control weeds and/or pests.   During the program there are experts on hand including a greenhouse scientist, regulatory specialist, compliance specialist, global registration managers and chemist to answer any questions the students may have while they are on their product’s journey.  Every decision the team makes or a potential road block that comes up, by a simple roll of the dice, is logged into the program that calculates the cost, timing to launch, and potential earnings of the product.  Once they work through the program from discovery through the research pipeline to commercialization, each team must present their product and potential earnings to a series of judges – similar to what we have to do today for a portfolio evaluation committee.  



Students work together to solve problems during the 2014 NxGen Ag Event


Our goal for this program is to have the students engage with the experts on hand and ask questions about the different road blocks that they come across within the journey itself.  While the students are working through the program their advisors and teachers will take a tour of the State of the Art Green House 5.  Following lunch the students and teachers will also take a tour of the Bee Care Center located on RTP campus.


If you are interested in learning more about future NxGen Ag Event please feel free to contact Dean Bushey or George Musson.


Be sure to keep up with this week’s Making Science Make Sense events in Research Triangle Park and across the country on Twitter with the hashtag #AgLiteracyWeek!





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