American Agri-Women Are Raising “Feed a Bee” Awareness From Coast-to-Coast

Thursday, September 17, 2015
Feed a Bee Partner Blog Series - American Agri-Women

By Lynn Woolf, VP of Communications, American Agri-Women


American Agri-Women is the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agri-business women — and we’re celebrating our 40th anniversary with a Drive Across America. We’re proud to be a Feed a Bee partner throughout our Drive, which has now traveled more than 11,000 miles.  


We started our cross-country trek in early June in Maine, traveling down the East Coast and through the Midwest for Leg 1 of the Drive. Leg 2 traveled through the Western states to Oregon. Leg 3 traveled south through California and is now heading back East. We’ll finish our Drive in early November in Portland, Maine, for our 2015 convention.


Pollinator health has been an important issue for our organization, which focuses on ag advocacy and education. We’ve helped raise awareness in several ways this year. Here are a few highlights:
  • Pollinator health was among the top issues we discussed with our legislators at our annual Fly-In in Washington, D.C.
  • Our Drive stopped at the Bayer North American Bee Care Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, for a special event with our state affiliate.
  • We shared hundreds of packets of seeds with our members throughout the Drive, encouraging them to plant pollinator gardens and equipping them with accurate information about bee health. Several groups — including a 4-H group — are planning gardens for next spring.
  • We’ve watched for unique ways to share information on social media. For instance, we toured a carrot seed field and posted photos of the bees pollinating the plants. We also promoted National Honey Bee Day.
  • We’re continuing to share facts and talking points in our email and print newsletters.

Pollinator health has become a trendy topic in the news media, but one AAW has been aware of for a very long time. In fact, we’ve had a special committee assigned to monitor the topic for many years.


We appreciate Bayer CropScience’s leadership role in education and equipping us with the facts so we can share accurate information. We also sincerely appreciate Bayer’s sponsorship of our Drive Across America. We’re committed to spreading the word long after our Drive ends in November.


American Agri Women

Bayer Crop Science is a sponsor of American Agri-Women’s Drive Across America. The five-month cross country advocacy tour is commemorating the organization’s 40th anniversary. The Drive stopped in Washington, D.C., in June for AAW’s annual Fly-In. Pollinator health was among the top issues discussed with legislators.


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