8 Reasons to AgVocate - In Their Own Words

Wednesday, December 14, 2016
By: Casey Allen, Corporate Communications
AgVocates amplifying their voices

We all know it’s important to AgVocate for our industry and way of life, but we may have different reasons and passions for doing it. A few of our AgVocate Facebook members share their perspective on why they AgVocate for modern agriculture.

1. A custom harvestHER:

“Because education is the most important thing about future generations and the leadership of this country.” –Tracy Zeorian, custom harvestHER from Nebraska

2. An Indiana pig farmer:

“Even as an animal lover I know it is also important for people to eat, not to mention all of the jobs and other uses the animal industry creates. I agvocate to let people know that we can still be compassionate and kind to our livestock while helping our fellow humans. It is not only my goal to help consumers understand what we do, but to also offer sound advice to other farmers about how we can all make a conscious effort to improve our methods and work toward a common good with people and animals alike.” –Maria Mauer, Production Manager in Indiana

3. An insurance agent:

“I'm not a farmer but I come from a farming family and I serve the farming community as an insurance agent. I believe in the importance of Ag to not only my local community but on the global scale - I want to see everyone connected to the resources they need to succeed.” – Tracy Leigh Cotton, Farm Insurance Agent in North Carolina

4. A Bayer employee:

“Because I'm tired of the pervasive misconception that foods produced through biotechnology are not tested for safety!” –Christal Bowman, Product Safety Manager, Crop Science

5. A blogger & photographer:

“I #AgVocate because if we don't tell our story then someone will and it might not be the truth. I believe that we all have a wonderful story and it needs to be shared.” –Naomi Loomis, cowgirl, a blogger, feed sales women, a mother and a third generation rancher from Nebraska

6. A college student:

“I love letting others discover what agriculture really is and why it's important, especially when it's fellow students that are learning and understanding. It makes all the work worth it when you see them connect the dots for themselves about why agriculture is important and how it effects there life.” –Ashlea Baalman, Student at Kansas State University

7. A young entrepreneur:

“I AgVocate because agriculture is in need of new, fresh ideas about how we adapt and grow to meet today's growing challenges. I truly believe the next generation offers some complementary assets to the agricultural industry and our food system, and if we want a spot at the table for making decisions, we need to be sure we are bringing forward new ideas. AgVocate is a reminder to do so, and a motivation to continue.” –Edward Silva, 2015 Youth Ag Summit Delegate and Co-founder of Henlight, Oregon

8. A South Dakota farmer:

“Because there is so much misinformation, we try to connect with consumers and share a reasonable and accurate voice.” –Peggy Greenway, crop, cattle & pig farmer from South Dakota

Chicken with baby chicks on farm

No matter the reason, it’s important that we all continue to have a positive voice for modern agriculture. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below or join the AgVocate Community on Facebook.


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