LibertyLink Real Yield Game Winners Tell Us About Life, Liberty(Link) and the Pursuit of Real Yields

Thursday, February 11, 2016
By: Malin Westfall, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, Marketing Manager
LibertyLink and the pursuit of real crop yields

The LibertyLink Real Yield Game has come to an end, but the excitement isn’t over. We’re happy to announce that we’ve contributed $50,000 to local FFA chapters around the country, thanks to you, our game players! In addition to being an engaging, interactive game that contributed to the future of agriculture, we had great prizes on the table for players to win. Those who played had the chance to win a one-year supply of LibertyLink® soybeans and Liberty® herbicide. We sat down with three of our winners to find out about their farms, their crops and their life.

1. Chad Ringwald - Ellinwood, Kansas

Chad Ringwald of Ellinwood, Kansas was the first LibertyLink system winner. He and his brother Chris farm wheat, corn, milo, soybeans and alfalfa as a no-till operation. The brothers have been in farming their whole lives and “have been riding in tractors and combines since they could walk”. How about we say: Ringwald has used Bayer products previously to clean up weed problems, but this will be his first time using LibertyLink soybeans. Their Kansas farm uses mostly Pioneer products for corn and soy, but the brothers are excited to try out a new variety to see what kind of real yields they can get. Ringwald heard about the Real Yield Game on the local radio station and took the opportunity to play while he was in the combine during harvest. When he won, he didn’t realize it was real until he was contacted several times and spoken to by a game representative. Now that he’s a confirmed winner, Ringwald said he is looking forward to getting some “real world trials for our operation, and implementing the system in different ways to see how it yields.”

2. Dane Kief - Rankin, Illinois

Dane Kief from Rankin, Illinois was the second LibertyLink Real Yield Game player to take home a prize. His runs a central Illinois farm along with his dad and brother, where they’ve been planning corn and soy for over 100 years. Kief is passionate about farming, saying “it’s great to be able to grow a crop, start from seed to finish and everything works out… nothing is better.” Kief currently plants Asgrow and Hi-Soy soybeans, but he has a positive perception of Bayer – “they have an elite herbicide profile and industry-leading chemistries.” He’ll be switching from RoundUp® and has high hopes that the LibertyLink system will be great for weed control, which is his biggest challenge. Kief found out about the LibertyLink Real Yield Game on Twitter. He’s regularly on social media and gets a lot of news and stories from other growers on the site. When he came across the LibertyLink Real Yield Game on Twitter, he says he “decided to play the LibertyLink Real Yield Game because I mean why not? I've got nothing to lose, check it out and see what it's about and maybe I'll win something.” Then he did. Similar to Ringwald, Kief didn’t believe it when he first found out he won. After some convincing, he went straight to his Bayer rep to see what it was all about.

LibertyLink Real Yield Game Winner Dane Kief

3. Karl Fictum - Meribel, Wisconsin

Karl Fictum of Meribel, Wisconsin took home the third LibertyLink system prize. He’s been farming his entire life, and started young helping his father run the family farm. Fictum grows a combination of corn, soybeans, wheat and some smaller crops with a crop rotation that varies from year to year. He enjoys the farm lifestyle and is proud of putting in a good day’s work to bring in a quality product. Multiple Bayer products are currently used on Fictum’s farm and he’s seen season-long benefits from them. He’s planting Asgrow soybeans right now, but he’s looking forward to the LibertyLink system, saying “what I'm hoping to gain out of the program is basically a change of chemistry on my ground from year to year from Roundup®  to Liberty.” It’ll be very successful year for him if the new system handles all of the resistance his farm has seen lately and if yields are good. Fictum came across the LibertyLink Real Yield Game when he was looking up a Bayer product label and a banner for the game popped up. He says he played because he was hoping to be a winner. He’s confident that if the LibertyLink beans yield as good as RoundUp Ready® he’ll be interested in using them from year to year.

LibertyLink Real Yield Game Winner Karl Fictum

With planting season fast approaching, we’re excited to see how our winners will use their LibertyLink system prizes to beat weed resistance and achieve real yields. Leave us a note in the comments, give LibertyLink a product review or give us a shout at @Bayer4CropsUS on Twitter.

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