Fall in Love with Farm Families this Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 12, 2016
By: Jeff Donald, External Communications
Fall in love with farm families Valentine's Day

Love is in the air this week as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and what better time to appreciate farm families across the U.S. that provide us with the food we eat each and every day!

Check out the families below and try to keep your heart from melting.

1. Molitor Dairy Farm – Minnesota

What’s not to love about a third generation dairy farm that involves the whole family? The Molitor Dairy Farm in Minnesota is now being taken over by Al Molitor’s son, but before that, Al met his wife Kathi who helped him make the farming operation what it is today! Al says that he farms because “growing up that’s what I loved. I enjoyed working alongside my family and wanted this for my future family.”

Molitor family dairy farm parents and children

2. Sara Ross: Farmer, Farmwife and AgVocate – Iowa

Soybean farmer Sara Ross fell in love with the farming lifestyle after marrying her husband, a grower from Iowa. She enjoys opening up her farm for in-person and virtual tours to share what it’s like to grow the food we eat every day. If she had to sum up farming in a few words, she’d say its “fulfilling but hard work!”

Soybean farmer, Sara Ross on a dairy farm

3. G and S Orchards – New York

The diversity and adventure that farming brings to Gary Craft’s job is why he loves what he does! As an apple grower who started his business, G and S Orchards, from scratch, he offers some advice: “you need to be committed to working long, sometimes hard and unusual hours. But you will never have a dull moment. Ever!”

G and S Orchards owner and pickers eating together

4. Ioerger Family Farm – Illinois

Husband and wife team Lowell and Janet run a farming operation in Illinois focused mainly on corn. Lowell couldn’t imagine being anything other than a corn farmer, saying “it is my heritage and I enjoy the freedom the farm lifestyle provides.” They feel accomplished in being able to diversify their farm in order to include their children in the operation.

Lowell and Janet corn farming couple

5. Josh and Julia Debes Wheat Farm – Kansas

Prior to moving home to the farm with his wife, Josh Debes served in the U.S. Air Force as an engineer. He says that if he were not a wheat grower, he’d be an airman.  He is “proud to rank among the military veterans who are choosing careers in agriculture.” He enjoys farming because it allows him to work with his hands and see the direct results of his work – “whether it is watching a calf grow up big and strong or a crop develop from seeds to a beautiful amber wave of grain.”

Josh Debe and family on wheat farm

As you can see, these farm families are as hardworking as they are lovable. We’re so thankful for families like these that are tirelessly working to put food on our table. As we prepare to celebrate the most loving day of the year, we’re falling in love all over again with folks like these across the country!

Do you recognize any of the families above? That’s because you may have seen them before on www.Thankful4Ag.com. Head on over there to find out which type of farmer you may be!

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