Poncho®/VOTiVO® Named No-Till Farmer’s Product of the Year!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016
By: Gregory Ginisty, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, Product Manager - SeedGrowth
Poncho/VOTiVO No-Till Farmer Seed Treatment of the Year

Congratulations Poncho®/VOTiVO®! We’re proud to announce that this innovative Bayer SeedGrowth® product has been voted No-Till Farmer’s 2015 Seed Treatment Product of the Year. Did you know that Poncho/VOTiVO is part of an award winning line-up dating back to 2005?

Here’s why Poncho/VOTiVO continues to be No-Till Farmers Product of the Year:

1. It Secures A Foundation For The Best Yields

Poncho®/VOTiVO® seed treatment protects young plants from insects and nematodes during critical early development stages, leading to healthier root development and stronger stands.

Poncho/VOTiVO secures foundation for best yields

2. Yield Advantage

In more than 843 replicated corn and 498 soybean field trials since product introduction, Poncho/VOTiVO provided an average yield advantage over standard insecticide solutions of 5.3 bushels per acre on corn and 1.4 bushels on soy.

Poncho/VOTiVO 2011-2015 Corn Yield Trials USA chart

*FC = fungicide controls. Head to head comparisons with multiple fungicide partners.

*Poncho 250 is equivalent to the 0.25 mg ai/seed rate of Poncho 600

^Poncho/VOTiVO average yield is statistically different than Poncho 250 at 95% confidence interval level using a paired t test.

Poncho/VOTiVO 2007-2015 Soybean Yield Trials USA chart 

*FC = fungicide controls. Head to head comparisons with multiple fungicide partners.

3. Immediate Protection

Applied directly to the seed, Poncho/VOTiVO protects the whole plant, above and below ground, preventing damage to early-season seedlings and roots before pests can strike.

Poncho/VOTiVO prevents early-season seedling damage

4. Nematode Protection

Biological microbe creates a living barrier of protection on roots against a wide range of nematodes, including Soybean Cyst, Root Knot, and Reniform nematodes, as well as nematodes that feed on corn, including Root Lesion, Needle and Dagger. This protection grows with the roots as they grow away from the seed zone and provide protection against two generations of nematodes.

Poncho/VOTiVO protects roots against nematodes

5. VOTiVO Fits Easily Into Any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Plan

VOTiVO fits any Integrated Pest Management plan - even among varieties with nematode resistance built into their genetics. It’s safe to the seed and has an excellent product safety profile.

VOTiVO - the promise of nematode prevention

If you’ve seen success with Poncho/VOTiVO or would like to learn how other growers have reviewed this product, check out the Poncho/VOTiVO Ratings and Reviews page.

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