Be an AgVocate in 2016!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016
By: Cory Wightman, External Communications
Become an AgVocate in 2016

Are you interested in becoming a positive voice for modern agriculture? Are you already a positive voice in the industry? Become an AgVocate in 2016!

This year, we are focusing on encouraging and enabling voices within agriculture to engage in public dialogue about the importance of agriculture, food production, and innovation needed to feed a hungry world.

Being an AgVocate is a very important role that farmers, educators, ag professionals, ag families and ag enthusiasts can fill. 

Being an AgVocate means spreading the word about modern ag to anyone who will listen. You’re excited to talk about the hard work you, your family, and your friends do every day to feed the community. You speak positively and share facts about modern agriculture so that you’re keeping the conversation going.

We are excited to share resources for AgVocates to feel comfortable and informed discussing the major topics in the agriculture industry.  Check out our AgVocate site for specific information on food production, crop competition, water usage, soil conservation and more.

Bayer will also be hosting an AgVocacy Forum in New Orleans (March 1-2) to kick of the 2016 Commodity Classic. We will be bringing in experts from across the industry to talk innovation and discuss the future of the agriculture.

We also encourage you to agvocate through social media.  Follow @Bayer4CropsUS on Twitter and Instagram for shareable ag facts to help inform the conversation around modern agriculture. 

Become an AgVocate in 2016, amplify your voice, and empower the future of the industry!

Without fungicides there would be big food loss

Source: CropLife Foundation

Facts about the American farm and who they feed

Source: Humboldt-University Berlin

Facts about Biotechnology and GMOs

Source: American Farm Bureau Federation

Modern crops face steep competition to survive

Source: CropLife America



  • # Farmer Square said:
    01.02.2016 10:54

    Food is an integral part of life on Planet Earth. Without agriculture, there would be no food and without food, there would be no human life.

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