Meeting the Global Demand for Produce Through Collaboration and Innovative Solutions

Tuesday, June 7, 2016
By: Jennifer Maloney, US Food Chain Sustainability Manager
Technology That Feeds The Future: PMA Tech Knowledge

It’s a well-known fact that consumer demand for food is increasing as the population continues to grow. We are expected to see a 60% increase in demand for food by 2050. How we respond to that demand is what matters. Using research, technology and information to prepare growers to meet that challenge is important to us. Equipping them with the right tools, like innovative products that work together to improve crop yield, quality, and soil health, is what we strive for at Bayer.

Last month we sponsored the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) event Tech Knowledge . We have had a long-standing relationship with PMA, a leader in the fruit and vegetable industry. Bayer was the Platinum sponsor of Tech Knowledge and used the forum to communicate our innovative tools for the produce industry and engage in discussions around meeting the future need for continued agricultural productivity. Tech Knowledge is one of those unique opportunities that brings a variety of industry leaders together who are also working to bring technology to all aspects of the food chain.

The Produce Marketing Association brought together more than 200 technology thought leaders and industry business leaders under one theme—“Technology the Feeds the Future”—to give attendees an opportunity to see firsthand the latest solutions for both the floral and produce industries.

In addition to the on farm technologies showcased at the event, Bayer continues its commitment to the industry through Food Chain Partnerships, with the common goal of producing enough high-quality, affordable and nutritious food for our growing population.

In my opinion, the Bayer Food Chain Partnership is different from anything I’ve seen before in the agriculture industry. We have 70 different Food Chain Managers in 30 different countries and we’re all working together within all aspects of the food chain for the long term viability of agriculture.  

Projects and initiatives vary across crops and regions, and Bayer acts as a facilitator with its partners to help enhance the quality of life for farmers, the community, and society overall. As we work to meet the rising demand for food through new technologies and solutions, let’s all work together to leave this world a little better than how we found it!

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