How Our Family Integrates Good Nutrition into Our Diets

Monday, March 21, 2016
By: Dr. Dan Schmehl, Bayer Bee Care Program, Pollinator Safety Scientist
National Nutrition Month is March 2016

We caught up with a Bayer Bee Care employee and his wife to talk about healthy eating in their household with their children. Here’s their take on the importance of a healthy diet and some of the obstacles they face, as well as many other parents, when it comes to good nutrition.

Good nutrition is the first step in taking good care of our bodies which helps our family stay healthy, grow strong and perform each day to our fullest. Healthy eating became more important to us when our son started eating solid food. Like every parent, we only wanted to give him the best, so we carefully selected his first foods and encouraged him to eat his fruits and veggies. It didn’t take long to figure out that if we wanted him to eat healthy we would have to set a good example. 

One of the greatest obstacles to eating healthy is shopping for affordable food. Buying fresh foods can be expensive, but purchasing food that is in season can actually save you money. Also, it takes time to prepare healthy meals at home. We’ve found that creating a meal plan is essential. We can plan multiple meals around a particular food that is on sale that week so we’re sure not to waste.

Even though eating healthy can be difficult at times, it’s worth the time and effort. Diversity in our diet not only improves our nutrient intake, but also allows our family to take advantage of the fruits and vegetables that are in season and on sale. We are therefore able to maximize the amount of nutritious snacks we have available throughout the week. Toddlers can be picky, but in our house we have a rule: you have to try at least one bite from each item on your plate. If our child doesn’t like a particular food after one bite, we do not force them to eat anymore. However, we will try the same food again on a different day or with a different preparation.  Another way that we encourage trying new foods is to allow our children to assist in the meal preparation. This allows our children to sample the fresh veggies going into the dish, and also brings about a sense of satisfaction and excitement for the meal that was prepared.

For families looking to integrate healthier foods into their family’s diet, start simple and set a good example. Since March is National Nutrition Month, why not try incorporating some new healthy dishes into your diet right now? Also, did you know that many of your favorite healthy foods rely on pollination from our favorite insect, the honey bee? That’s why we brought in our trusted partner – Vitamin Bee – to give us the 411 on healthy eating.

Here Are 5 Easy Ways to Help "Savor the Flavor of Eating Right":

  1. Grow an herb garden – herbs are a great alternative to salt or sugary sauces! Find easy tips to get started here.
  2. Get creative with oatmeal toppings – oats are full of fiber and very versatile. Lay out toppings like almonds, raisins, and berries similar to making an ice cream sundae.
  3. Incorporate sweet potatoes into desserts – who doesn’t love chocolate cake?
  4. Try a new take on potato chips – there are so many recipes out there for alternatives to chips including zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, and more!
  5. Have a do-it-yourself mini pizza-making night – add toppings like green peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, and more!

Let March be the month to try this cucumber boat recipe:

How to make cucumber boats for kids recipe

Learning about fruits and vegetables is fun! Visit for great videos and activities to help kids learn about the importance of healthy eating.

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