Another Real Yield Game Winner Shares His Story

Tuesday, March 29, 2016
By: Malin Westfall, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, Marketing Manager
LibertyLink and the pursuit of real crop yields

The Real Yield Game has been a mainstay on social media since it kicked off in September. The game generated over 7,000 plays over its 4 month run, and we received a ton of positive responses from growers, agronomists, FFA members and AgVocates. Not only was the game fun to play, but there were also prizes up for grabs. A few weeks back we sat down with three of the winners to talk about their farms, their crops and their life. Now we’re talking to another winner who hails from Illinois, or the “center of the Midwest”, as they like to say.

Bill Graff of Middletown, IL put up his first hog building in 1978, so he’s been farming for quite a while. He grew up on a family farm, but he’s changed his operation over the years. His farm used to raise a lot of hogs, but they decided to get out of the hog business, and now they have a no-till,  strip-till farm (with some conventional tillage) rotating corn and soy. This year he’ll be planting all LibertyLink® soybeans. “It’s a chance for us to rotate the chemicals and get away from some of the chemicals we have been using.” Graff’s main soybean brands are Pioneer, FS and Stine, and his choices usually come down to yield, trait technology and simplicity, as yield is the most important part of their organization. He found out about the Real Yield Game through an email, and played the game thinking “somebody’s got to win right?” After calling around to some friends and talking to his reps, he was excited for the opportunity to have some new beans and herbicide, which were “well welcomed in 2016.”

Graff is very active on his social media accounts and has amassed quite the farm following. #BreakfastWithBill is a daily Periscope that Bill Graff does every morning at 7:30 am central time. He talks about world, national, state, and local events that affect agriculture. He also touches on markets, world events, cattle, rural life, and whatever else he thinks would interest his audience. He claims to have the smartest audience on social media and interacts with them on his Periscope and social media.  He also does podcasts which can be found on his website

With planting season fast approaching, we’re excited to see how our winners will use their LibertyLink system prizes to beat weed resistance and achieve real yields. Leave us a note in the comments or give us a shout at @Bayer4CropsUS on Twitter.

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