Behind Every Great Farm is a Great Mom

Friday, May 6, 2016
By: Jeff Donald, External Communications
Happy Mother's Day from Bayer CropScience

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers out there! We thank you today and every day for being our personal chefs, taxi drivers, therapists, role models and so much more.

I can’t imagine that any mom ever had a tougher job than mine did.  However, as I’ve gotten to know some really amazing moms in the agriculture world, I think they probably have her beat (don’t tell her, please).  Farm mom’s often juggle full time jobs, sometimes second and third jobs on the side, farm work…oh and then there are all the responsibilities that goes along with the kids and families.

In honor of all the great farm mom’s out there, I reached out to my friends to learn a little more about how they do it, what they love and what advice they’d share.  Check out the responses below from bloggers Kristin Root Reese, Cristen Clark, Jennifer Campbell and Sara Ross and more importantly give them a follow and join me in marveling at how they find 48 hours in a day.

Describe being a farm mom in 3 words.

“Resourceful, Driven and Loving” – Kristen

“Multi-tasker, Resilient, Beautiful” – Cristen

What do you love most about being a farm mom?

“I love raising our kids on the farm. They are the 7th generation to live on this land, and I think that is really special. I love watching them take care of the cows with their father, and they love going out and riding on the tractor and combine.  Seeing them care for the animals and land is what I love the most about being a farm mom.” – Sara

“I love that every day is take your kid to work day. That my kids learn work ethic by working with me and experiencing it firsthand.  – Jennifer

“I love that no day is ever the same and that my children are growing up knowing where their food comes from and seeing how much work and thought goes into food and farming! I also LOVE that they LOVE their little farm lives.” – Kristen

What’s something people don’t know about you and your role/work on the farm?

“I'll spend 20 minutes in our driveway, saving stranded earthworms after a spring rain in our driveway. When I was very young and my Dad started no-till farming, he said the earthworms were very important to the success of that soil conservation method, so I've always saved them from our gravel driveway by carrying them out to the field. It's a random tradition, but one that I've passed on to my kids, and they are great earthworm savers!” –Cristen

What advice would you share with women who are new farm moms?

“Enjoy each season and age of your children on the farm, I feel like time is going way to fast. The days may seem long but the years are flying too fast.” – Kristen

“My advice for new Moms on the farm is to find their own balance. With so many responsibilities, life can get hectic with so many things going on, on the farm. Always accept help, or a warm meal from anyone who is willing.” – Cristen

“It's OK to sit on the kitchen floor and cry while drinking from a measuring cup after feeding the cattle in your pajamas!  You aren't the first and you won't be the last!” – Jennifer

“Be patient. Farmers have to get the seed in the ground and harvested and the animals taken care of before anything else happens.  This means that you may not be able to go on that vacation, or out to dinner, etc. Or you may just be late. Which we are all the time!” – Sara

What is the biggest misconception about being a farm mom?

“Farm moms have a job description that should really be All other duties as needed or assigned.” –Kristen

Leave a comment below or reach out to us via Twitter @Bayer4CropsUS, if you’d like to respond to any of the questions above. We’d love to hear your perspective!  And don’t forget to #ThankAFarmMom this week…and every week.


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