For the Love of Farming: Thompson’s Insight into Modern Ag

Friday, November 4, 2016
By: Rodney Thompson, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer
For the Love of Farming

Farming takes a lot of time and passion, both of which forty-year Bayer employee Rodney Thompson is willing to devote. Thompson explains that farming creates self-driven and self-motivated characters due to the constant changes towards modern technology. Controlling weeds with products, cultivation or hand-weeding “is very time- and labor-consuming. It is difficult to keep up with the growing demand for soybeans,” Thompson stated.

Rodney Thompson holding Credenz soybean seed bag
Rodney displays a Credenz® soybeans seed bag recently planted on his farm. He spends his “time off” farming his 325 acres with his wife and college-age son.

While the past methods made for long harvest seasons and extensive physical labor, modern technology and products helped eliminate the issue of weeds and sped up the process. The main issue faced today is that of weed resistance from overused products and the lack of crop rotation in fields. Thompson stresses the need for crop rotation as “there are only so many sites of action to kill the weeds and the need to keep them actively working is important.” When products are overused, weed resistance is selected and weed seed banks increase.

Bayer employee, Rodney Thompson's farm during hay season Bayer employee, Rodney Thompson's farm during a blood moon
Farm view of hay season in progress.
Rodney's farm during a blood moon.

One way Thompson prevented weed resistance on his farm was through the planting of LibertyLink® Credenz® soybeans used with Liberty® herbicide. This smart stewardship strategy involves a mixture of rotating crops, rotating herbicide-tolerant traits, and mixing sites of action in order to create herbicide diversity.

Liberty weed control program keeps fields clean
Rodney's farm recently managed for weed control. Liberty weed control program keeps Rodney’s fields clean.

Farming at any season of life takes dedication and an updated knowledge of modern farming techniques and smart stewardship. Doing so will help you keep your love and passion for the land.

To learn more about using herbicides with effective sites of action, refer to the Herbicide Resistance Management Guide. To explore the recommendations of Respect the Rotation™, the Bayer resistance management program, contact your local Bayer sales representative or talk to your regional agronomist.

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