6 Easy Ways to Give Back to Ag this #GivingTuesday

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
By: Casey Allen, Corporate Communications
#GivingTuesday - November 29, 2016

Even if you haven’t participated in the shopping frenzy that is Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you are probably very familiar with these post-Thanksgiving “holidays.” More recently there has been a day created to help give back to those in need by either giving time, goods, services, donations or your voice for a cause that you care about.

This #GivingTuesday, we are continuing our support for agriculture and the organizations that support the farming industry. We are appreciative for all who work tirelessly to keep our world fed. Check out the list below for different ways to give back today and throughout the holiday season.

Volunteer your time, goods or services

If you know a farmer in your community, give him/her a call and ask if they could use some help. A farmer’s work is never over, and even an hour could relieve a farmer tremendously.

Donate your harvest. Take a portion of your harvest and donate it to local food pantries or homeless shelters. You can also plan to start a garden next year for this purpose.

Bayer employees glean collards with Society of St. Andrew
Bayer employees and their families help glean collards with Society of St. Andrew that were donated to a local North Carolina foodbank.

There are various charitable organizations that help connect farms to foodbanks like the Society of St. Andrew mentioned in the image above. Reach out to see how you can volunteer your time.

Donate your dollars

If you are a little too busy to volunteer, you can always make a huge impact for an organization through a simple monetary donation. Whether you are passionate about ag literacy, world hunger, clean water access or agvocating, find a cause you care about and help out today.

Give the gift of your voice

Be an AgVocate! Share vetted information and articles about modern agriculture with peers, colleagues, family or anyone who may have questions about farming practices and the food they eat.

Global food production needs to increase 60% by 2050

Thank a farmer. Send a thank-you letter to a farmer or farmer’s market you frequent.

We’d love to hear all the ways you plan to give back. Be sure to share using #GivingTuesday on Twitter and mention @Bayer4CropsUS.


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