Careers That Help Feed Our Growing Population

Monday, October 3, 2016
By: Kris Norwood, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, Communications
Careers in Ag help feed our growing population

A beautiful old saying – “Thank a farmer three times a day.” – reminds us of the important role that agriculture plays in our daily lives. Other than being a farmer, there are also many jobs in agriculture that in some way contribute to providing food for our growing world and that help foster healthy, enjoyable environments in our homes and communities.With nearly 58,000 job openings in agriculture and related fields each year, but only 35,400 students with a bachelor’s degree or higher in ag to fill them, this is a great field to start a career in. Check out some of our employees below to get a better understanding of their roles and the opportunities within the industry.

Data Scientist – Digital Farming

“As a data scientist, my job is to synthesize information from diverse sources such as equipment-based sensors, weather stations, satellites, etc., to determine when, where, and how to best apply the products that Bayer manufactures and sells.” – Stan Martin

Stan Martin visits the California Institute of Technology Inside one of the labs at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Stan Martin visits the campus at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech).
Inside one of the labs at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (operated by Caltech). A thermal camera prototype like this will be mounted on one of NASA’s next satellites. Such cameras will allow farmers to determine the health of a crop from space using remote sensing capabilities for water management, nutrient needs, and more.

Regional Agronomist for U.S. Agronomics/Seeds

“In my role, I support Credenz variety testing across Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakotas, and Nebraska. In addition to evaluating soybean varieties, I also provide environmental placement information for the farmers that purchase and grow these soybeans so that they can get the highest yields possible from every one of our varieties. We help growers get the best weed control AND yields on their Midwestern soybean acres.” – Leslie Lloyd

Leslie Lloyd speaks to farmers at Credenz kickoff meetings Cheatgrass fuels major wildfires in the West
 Leslie Lloyd covers six states in his role at Bayer. When we caught up with him, three of those six states were having Credenz kickoff meetings (during the same one-week period!) with Bayer’s retail partners.

Information Scientist – Science and IP Intelligence, Global Team

“As part of a global team, I support North America Bayer CropScience in patent and scientific literature research and analysis. With this I support our scientists, patent attorneys and product managers in identifying and developing innovative solutions for our customers in agriculture.” – Anne Mwaniki

Anne Mwaniki, Bayer patent and scientific literature team

U.S. Vegetation Management Business Manager

“In my role as VM Business Manager, I work to find Better Life solutions to reduce the risk of unwanted vegetation.  Societal risks of unwanted vegetation include wildfires, visibility obstruction on highways and railroads, and power outages due to trees growing into utility lines.” – Matt Nespeca

Bayer Vegetation Management Commercial Ops and Marketing Team Cheatgrass fuels major wildfires in the West
Matt Nespeca with members of the U.S. Vegetation Management Commercial Ops and Marketing Team.
Cheatgrass fuels major wildfires in the West, reduces native biodiversity, and threatens endangered species habitat. On the left, Esplanade (indaziflam) is providing long-term control of cheatgrass in natural areas, with an untreated check on the right.

Director, Environmental Chemistry

“I have the pleasure to support dozens of highly skilled scientists who ensure we feed the world safely with regard to human and environmental safety.  The team qualifies the fate of our small molecules in plants and the environment and carefully monitors and measures to ensure no hazardous residues created by our products in many matrices including food, environmental and pollinator-specific samples.” – Ellen Arthur

Ellen Arthur ensures the human and environmental safety of Bayer products
Ellen Arthur takes her role in ensuring the human and environmental safety of Bayer products very seriously.

Human Resources Business Partner

“As an HR Business Partner at Bayer, my role is to serve as a coach, leader, and advocate of Bayer’s LIFE values as well as partner with business leaders to support the development and promote the engagement of all of our employees so our employees can perform to the best of their ability while doing their part to support modern agriculture.” – Tenisha Barnes

Tenisha Barnes serves as an advocate of Bayer’s LIFE values
Tenisha Barnes serves as an advocate of Bayer’s LIFE values (Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, and Efficiency).

Scientist I – AC Automation

“I support Biologics and the Chemistry department by developing automated solutions throughout the lab. To create a more impactful product for farmers we need to screen thousands of samples and these automated processes allow us to do more in less time, increasing overall efficiency.” – Ryan Saville

Ryan Saville with robotic liquid handlers at West Sacramento Biologics facility
Ryan Saville is working with one of the many robotic liquid handlers at the West Sacramento Biologics facility.

District Manager, Big Sky District

“As a District Manager with Bayer, my job is to build and coach a best in class workforce in South Dakota and Montana who work thru our channel partners to deliver grower solutions that maximize on-farm yields.”— Eric Sitzman
Eric Sitzman’s team helps growers achieve healthier crops
Eric Sitzman’s team helps growers achieve healthier crops and better yields in corn, soybeans and cereals.


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