Planting Season – The Perfect Time to Take C.A.R.E.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017
By: Melissa Chu, Product Manager
Bee Care - CARE

It’s planting season! And even with myriad priorities growers face this time of year, including crop choice and performance, among them is the ever-growing responsibility to be good stewards of the environment. While growers and beekeepers may seem unlikely friends, the work within both industries easily intersects to create positive environmental impact all-around. With the help of growers, bees are able to access diverse forage across the country, and growers can further integrate responsible practices while planting.

That's why the Crop Science division of Bayer created the CARE stewardship program. Its purpose is to help growers maintain open channels of communication with their local beekeepers, making sure to notify them when applying crop protection products, and educating them about the latest seed technology to mitigate impact to bees and the environment.

Now in its fifth year, the CARE program empowers growers to embrace stewardship practices with four simple tips:

  • Communicate — Let beekeepers close by know about your planting activities
  • Aware — Be aware of wind speed and direction during planting 
  • Reduce — Help reduce the amount of dust potentially released during planting by using Fluency Agent Advanced
  • Ensure — Ensure seed is planted correctly 

By adopting these steps and learning about the latest seed technology, growers take a big step towards sustainable agriculture practices and protecting the environment. For example, Fluency Agency Advanced (FAA), a Bayer product, is a seed lubricant for corn and soybeans that improves planting performance while reducing the amount of dust released during planting. As an alternative to talc, graphite and talc-/graphite-blended seed lubricants, FAA actually improves seed flow from the central fill hopper and creates less buildup in the seed hopper. This technology enhances the planting process and helps reduce potential risk to neighboring bee colonies from dust-off.

For more information on Bayer’s bee health initiatives or tips and products to integrate this season, visit To join our CARE promise and help protect honey bees, contact the local County Agricultural Commissioner to retrieve a list of registered apiaries.


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