Three Little Things, One Big Impact

Wednesday, December 13, 2017
By: Casey Allen,

The Youth Ag Summit may be over, but the delegates are still working with their teams to implement the projects and work towards the goals they set up while in Brussels. Each delegate wrote down "Three Little Things," three actions they committed to take in their personal lives to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: Zero Hunger. I had the chance to reconnect with some of our delegates, Emily Buck, Anna Gomes, and Noah Hamlish to reflect on their goals and share their progress.

Setting Goals

The main theme of the summit was “Feeding a Hungry Planet,” and we talked a lot about sustainability. The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) were a focal point throughout the summit and played a role in the goals each delegate set. Various speakers and breakout sessions connected the dots on how we can all make a difference in agriculture.

The delegates considered their strengths and interests to create their goals. By breaking down goals into small, medium and large scale ideas, both by levels of involvement and impact, they were able to create manageable and achievable goals.

Emily’s passion for policy is clear. Her focus is on educating those in leadership and decision making roles, as well as future AgVocates, on the current issues that are buzzing around the political sphere.

3 Little Things

Food waste innovation and sustainable agricultural production are on the top of Anna’s list as she works towards positive growth and sustainability. She used her Three Little Things to make actionable goals to get her started on making a difference.

3 Little Things

Noah has a long-term goal to become involved in urban agriculture, in both production and educational efforts. He also plans to use his interests in aquaculture and food production to help encourage youth to join the conversation. Bringing different perspectives and experiences together will help connect people to the larger story of food and sustainability.

3 Little Things

Making an Impact

Holding yourself accountable and taking action is an important aspect to make a difference, regardless of what your goals may be. The Youth Ag Summit helped the delegates understand that they can truly make an immediate impact in the world, and inspired them to take charge.

As soon as Anna got home, she added her Three Little Things to her desk to serve as a daily reminder to stay inspired and motivated to work towards her commitments. Since the summit, Anna and her Youth Ag Summit team, the Food Waste Warriors, have been making progress on their group goal. As part of their pitch plan, they’re establishing a community to connect people from around the globe to highlight the issue of food waste and how to combat the issue. They’re excited to release their Facebook page and website in the coming months.

YAS_3 Little Things

Emily is focused and on track with her goal to help promote educational opportunities with ag. Working closely with the Tennessee Farm Bureau and state congressional staff, she’s working through the logistics of hosting large scale farm tours.

Noah has started incorporating plant-based proteins in his diet. He says it’s “a small change, but it has helped me become more mindful about how and when I eat meat and how this fits into the larger picture of feeding the planet.”

I’m looking forward to keeping up with all of the delegates to hear how their Three Little Things are evolving and uncovering new opportunities for each of them. I am confident that their efforts will positively impact our planet and our future.

As we approach a new year, I encourage you to write down your Three Little Things. What do want to achieve as an AgVocate? And how will your actions leave an impact on you, your community and our planet? Leave a comment and share your goals!



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