Weed Resistance Panel on Rural America Live

Thursday, January 5, 2017
By: Bekah Mahan, Crop Science, a Division of Bayer, Marketing Communications Manager
Bayer to discuss the LibertyLink system on Rural America Live

The spread of resistant weeds has changed the world of weed control. In 2015, 63 percent of growers reported glyphosate-resistant weeds on 91 million acres and the 2016 crop season proved that weed resistance continues to be a growing issue across the nation. While glyphosate used to be the solution, growers are finding new hope in herbicide-trait technologies like the LibertyLink® system and Liberty® with a unique site of action.

Join our panel of growers and agronomic experts as we discuss harvest 2016 and overcoming weed challenges.

Coming back to RFD-TV in January (1/12), Bayer will host a live show to discuss the LibertyLink system on a segment of Rural America Live. During the one-hour show in Nashville, host and RFD-TV News Director Mark Oppold will talk with LibertyLink growers and Bayer experts about the LibertyLink system and overcoming current weed challenges.

In the last segment, our panelists, Dr. Aaron Hager, Dr. Jason Norsworthy and Arlene Cotie, discussed the increased use of herbicide technology, mixing vs. rotating modes of action (MOAs) and the occurrence of stacked resistance. Offering their information and experience with their own research, testing and field experience, panelists shared tips for the upcoming crop seasons and how to best battle resistant weeds with the LibertyLink system.

In the upcoming January discussion, our panel of growers, Monty Henderson and Tom Ramsey, will share their experience with the LibertyLink system accompanied by Bayer’s technical representatives, Mike Weber and Eric Ifft, to advise on best management practices, like S.T.O.P Weeds with Liberty application guidelines, and how to make the best decisions for the 2017 season. Panelists will also touch upon the active ingredient in Liberty, the unique site of action, and what that means when it comes to your weed control.

Tune in to RFD-TV on January 12th at 9PM CT as growers and Bayer representatives offer valuable, data-driven counsel for growers looking for solutions to their specific agronomic problems. Discussion topics will be focused on the LibertyLink system’s high-performing genetics paired with the excellent weed control from Liberty for real yields. Catch up on the September discussion before tuning in on January 12th!

Panel of Experts

Monty Henderson

Monty Henderson of Sharpsville, Indiana grows corn, soybeans and some wheat. Having managed the family farm for 35 years, he currently partners with his son Austin Henderson. Henderson received his B.S. in Ag Economics from Purdue and a graduate certificate in Public Management from IUPU Indianapolis. Henderson also works in the seed business and has served as an ISBDC Business Advisor for Purdue University.

Tom Ramsey

Tom Ramsey farms near Clarksburg, Ohio. Ramsey has a B.S. in Agriculture from Ohio State University. He began his agriculture career as a partner of the family dairy farm until 1989 and then began working in the seed business with his father-in-law. Ramsey grows corn, soybeans and wheat in addition to serving on the Board of Directors for Ohio Seed Improvement.

Mike Weber

Mike Weber serves as a Senior Technical Service Representative with Bayer. In this role, Weber oversees research & demonstration plots of experimental and commercial products in addition to providing technology exchange to dealers/growers. Weber received his B.S. in General Agriculture and Masters in Weed Science from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.

Eric Ifft

Eric Ifft works with the Bayer Technical Sales team as a Customer Business Advisor. Ifft has been with Bayer since 2008. After growing up on a cash grain farm in Livingston County, Illinois, Ifft attended the University of Illinois where he received his B.S. in Agronomy. Before his time with Bayer, Ifft worked for one of the major seed companies for over 23 years.


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