Q&A with Corn Growers: Insights From the Field

Thursday, June 1, 2017

“How do you make decisions about inputs for your corn crop?"

"You have to do your research. It is more important today that you make the correct decisions. One bad decision could cost you your profit margin for the year. Each decision as you make them aren’t taken lightly. It takes a lot of R & D. We do a lot of trial and errors, but anything new we like to at least see a trial at least one year before we use it [on a larger scale]. Predictability is big.”

Rich Kiefer
Gridley, Ill.
corn and soybean grower

"What information do you want to know about a herbicide?"

"The modes of action on how they kill the plant is good to know because we know that if we can rotate that around we will confuse the plant. Then, it will supposedly not build up resistance to it. The next item would be convenience of use, the concentration of the product – liquid versus a dry flowable, ease of use, toxicity of the product, safety and handling.”

Kevin Ziegenbein
Ashland, NB
corn and soybean grower

"What do you look for in a herbicide?"

"Ease of handling, the control that I get…I look for consistent control over the broad ranges of soil types and especially for my hard to kill weeds. Research that shows me that the trouble weeds have been best controlled with a specific product…past history…my chemicals reps. There are a bunch of resources that I use.”

Tim Bult
Hebron, IN
corn and soybean grower

“How do you determine whether to use a one-pass pre herbicide rather than one-pass post?"

“It depends on how soon we get the corn planted, but I like to get that chemical down and have it there. So, if we do run into a wet spell, I know that it is going to work on those weeds right away.”

Howard Schuster
Berlin Heights, Ohio
corn and soybean grower


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