Celebrating Pollinator Week with Some of the Best Moments in Bee Health

Tuesday, June 13, 2017
By: Becky Langer Curry, Bee Care Center,

Happy Pollinator Week! While all eyes are on the bees, we want to say thank you! To the professors conducting research, the gardeners ordering wildflower seeds, the schools planting gardens, the young beekeepers pursuing their dreams, and the thousands of people who have expressed interest in the future of bee health online and at the Bayer Bee Care Center – we thank you! Your commitment to bee health is inspiring and something we will continue to support for decades to come.  To celebrate Pollinator Week, we’d like to share some of our favorite accomplishments we have reached together:

Dedicated to Research - #pollinatorweek

  1. Contributed a million dollars to fund research for Healthy Hives

    Bayer has partnered with Project Apis m., an organization dedicated to supporting research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies while improving crop protection. Together, we have provided a million dollars across ten research projects dedicated to improve the health of honey bee colonies by the end of 2020. This Spring, Bayer added three more recipients to the list, including:

    Feed a Bee – Planted 2 billion wildflowers
  2. Planted 2 billion wildflower

    Bayer is on a mission to increase forage for pollinators across the country. Since 2015, we have been working with people and organizations across the country, planting gardens and giving away seed packets. Together, with the support of over a million people, we have planted over two billion flowers!

    You can learn more information and check out photos of the wildflowers at www.FeedABee.com!

    The Fifty-State Planting Progress Map
  3. Planting pollinator friendly gardens in all 50 states

    In collaboration with a steering committee of pollinator experts, Bayer has set out to fund projects that promote pollinator health and create or expand forage for pollinators across the country.  These grant provide funding for projects from growers, beekeepers, businesses, school, gardening groups and more!

    By providing Feed a Bee grants, Bayer and the steering committee hope to ensure that organizations in every state in the U.S. have the opportunity to bring their pollinator initiatives to life.

    You can track the progress at FeedABee.com/Impact

    Visitors to the Bayer Bee Care Center
  4. Welcomed 10,000 visitors to the Bayer Bee Care Center

    Earlier this spring, Bayer welcomed its 10,000th visitor into the Bee Care Center! People from all over the country (and world) have visited to learn more about bee health and research coming from the Bayer Bee Care program. The center is home to a full laboratory with a teaching a research apiary, a honey extraction and workshop space, on-site demonstration honey bee hives, and extensive pollinator gardens that have welcomed over 30 species of bees.

    You can learn more about the center by taking a virtual tour!

Between pollinator research, planting forage, supporting the community, collaborating with growers, and providing bee health education – we are busy helping bees all year round! We are incredibly proud of the Bayer Bee Care Center and all of the partners and bee enthusiasts who have helped us reach these incredible accomplishments. We look forward to working together to continue to improve bee health!

Happy Pollinator Week!

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