Beyond the Fence

Monday, March 6, 2017
By: Jeremy Brown, Texas Organic Crop Farmer
Jeremy Brown, AgVocacy Forum

From my days of college and the time I spent away from the farm, I have learned that agriculture goes beyond the fence post.

I grew up on a farm in west Texas, and farming was always my passion. However, I didn’t always have the opportunity to farm. I love to work, manage the land and grow crops, especially cotton. When I finally had an opportunity to farm, after being away for 10 years, I couldn’t have been more excited. I am grateful for my time spent away because I believe it gave me a greater appreciation for what I get to do today.

Going beyond the fence post means that I must go out and tell my story. I am a steward of the land and its natural resources. It is my job to make sure it is farmed in a way that is safe and sustainable to feed and clothe the next generation. With a growing population being more removed from the farm and a growing interest in where their food and fiber come from, it is my job to go beyond my fence post and tell my story, which I do often through our farm’s Facebook page. My mission is to educate those who are misinformed and to help them understand what we do on our farm.

Beyond the fence post also means that I must be involved. There are so many different aspects to agriculture. The more I learn through involvement, the better I can be as a farmer. I believe that it is important to “AgVocate” for agriculture at the local level and beyond. To “AgVocate,” to me, means to be actively involved in farm policy discussions, serve on your local Farm Bureau board, participate in your commodity groups and continue to learn.

The world population is expected to reach nearly 9.6 billion by 2050, and producing enough healthy and nutritious food for all will require collaboration and engagement across the ag sector and beyond.  It is important for everyone who plays a role in this important work to #AgVocate by sharing their story. Be sure to check out the other participants’ blogs as they #AgVocate. Tomorrow’s post will be hosted by Vivian Howard, chef and television personality, to discuss “coming home” by connecting farmers and the community through food.


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