The 2017 National FFA Convention

Tuesday, November 21, 2017
By: Brittany Lloyd, Bayer Greenhouse Team Lead at RTP,

Last month, the 90th Annual National FFA Convention brought together FFA members from across the country.  Luckily I was able to attend National Convention this year and meet some of these impressive teens as they stopped by our booth.  From questions about careers to how GMOs are made, these students really wanted to learn more about our business and agriculture.

JB Web FFA, Oxford, NC

My High School Chapter and Advisors Stopped by the Booth: JF Webb FFA - Oxford, North Carolina
From mentoring, sharing on social, joining ag related groups, listening to others concerns or providing input to government representatives, these young AgVocates shared with us how they support modern agriculture.

FFA Students

Gracie Newland of Springport, Michigan FFA told us she AgVocates for modern ag by using social media to connect with people of different professions and interests. She hopes to spread the word on the importance of agriculture and the National FFA. Sadie Aronson of the Washington FFA uses her position as her chapter president to mentor the younger members in her chapter.

FFA Students - AgVocate

I was also honored to speak at the National Agronomy CDE awards banquet.  Over 30 teams competed this year at the national level and had to learn about many aspects of agronomy.  Some teams I spoke with had been studying and preparing for this CDE for years.  Congratulations to the North Union FFA Chapter from Ohio for their 1st place win this year.

I was beyond impressed with the drive and intelligence of all the FFA members that I met during the week. These young students are passionate about their futures as well as the future of agriculture. Our time at this year’s National FFA Convention gave us even more hope for the future of agriculture.

group photo of FFA students

Interested in learning more about FFA and how youth programs can make a difference in agriculture? Check out how you can get involved with your local chapter and join us on Facebook and let us know how you AgVocate!



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