Webinar: Minimizing Nematode Impact in Almonds

Thursday, October 26, 2017
Minimizing Nematode Impact in Almonds Webinar Cove Slide Featuring Raw Almonds Image

Nematodes impact the root systems of almond trees, damaging the crop's overall health. Dr. Mike McKenry, nematologist emeritus at University of California, Riverside, studies nematodes in tree and vine crops. During this hour-long webinar, sponsored by Bayer Crop Science and in partnership with Meister Media and Western Fruit Grower, Dr. McKenry details five common nematode species and discusses how factors such as rootstock choice, soils and treatment plans influence their effect on almond trees.

To watch Dr. McKenry’s “Minimizing Nematode Impact on Almonds” webinar, click here.


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