Ten Things You Should Know About the 2017 Community Leadership Award Winners

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Each year, the Bayer Bee Care Program recognizes outstanding beekeepers using their passion for pollinators to make a difference in their communities. In the past, we’ve awarded a teacher using beekeeping to rehabilitate at-risk youth, a veteran teaching fellow American heros how to establish their own hives and market their products, and a partnership using beekeeping on golf courses to alter the role these recreational areas play in conservation and land management.

In 2017, we set out not only to find another duo promoting and protecting pollinator health but also to recognize the next generation of young beekeepers with a youth-focused prize.

The winners of the fifth annual Bayer Bee Care Community Leadership Award include Kirk and Heidi Tubbs of Tubbs Berry Farm in partnership with the Twin Falls County Pest Abatement District (TFCPAD), and Jake Reisdorf, owner of Carmel Honey Company and first-ever beekeeper under 18 years of age to receive this award.

Read on for some stand-out facts about the newest Bee Care Community Leadership Award winners:

  1. Youth winner and eighth-grader Jake Reisdorf is 14-years-old and operates nearly 100 hives of his own.

    Jake Reisdorf

    • Jake first became interested in beekeeping after completing a course with his father when he was in fifth grade.
  2. Jake runs his own business, Carmel Honey Company, where he sells premium honey and honeycomb to specialty food stores and chefs.
    • His company also maintains hives for customers on residential and commercial properties who don’t have the time or resources to keep bees.
  3. Jake’s interest in bees spans across continents! He has a travel bug and a keen interest in the world around him.
    • The budding beekeeper will soon get his very first passport stamp in Istanbul this October – attending a beekeeping conference with his family, no less!
  4. He is passionate about paying it forward and helping others in his community learn more about pollinators.
    • Through Jake Gives Back, the ambitious young beekeeper engages his community through speeches at schools and local organizations to educate them about honey bees.

      Jake Reisdorf
  5. Jake is currently enrolled in the University of California, Davis’ Master Beekeepers Program.
    • Along with other students in the program, Jake is working to map out the future of Pollinator World, a concept for a center focused on pollinator education
  6. Carmel Honey Company just opened its first storefront location in Carmel-by-the-Sea.
    • The brick and mortar store sells honey and hive-related products, as well as hosts the beginnings of Pollinator World – an education room where Jake will share his knowledge about the importance of pollinators with his patrons.

      Jake Reisdorf
  7. Jake’s hobbies include playing tennis with his dad and video games with his friends, like many 14-year-olds.
    • When Jake’s not inspecting a hive, you can find him trying out a new restaurant. The self-proclaimed foodie loves experiencing new things and wants to eventually travel and meet beekeepers from around the world, learning how they manage their bees – and, of course, tasting their honey!
  8. Our adult winners from Tubbs Berry Farm are helping the TFCPAD fight back against mosquitos in Idaho.
    • Thanks to Kirk and Heidi Tubbs’ decade-long experience keeping bees, they partnered with TFCPAD to understand the effects of the products the county used against mosquito populations on bees. Kirk helps facilitate open conversations between mosquito control operators and beekeepers on the impact various control methods have on bees.

      Kirk Tubbs teaching pest controll reps
  9. The Tubbs hope to use the money they receive to  build a public bee viewing area on their farm and expand the beekeeper courses they offer in their community.
    • The Tubbs currently host a public Bee Day each spring to educate and involve their community.
  10. Kirk and Heidi Tubbs provide a great example of getting involved in your local beekeeping organization.
    • They’ve been able to grow their efforts to support honey bee health by teaching classes and simultaneously learning from others in their community who share a passion for pollinators, and their beekeeping club has provided a great resource.<.

Learn more about this year’s Community Leadership Award Winners here!


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