Meet the New Chair of the California FFA Foundation, Nasser Dean

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Serving the California FFA over the past 10 years has been my way of giving back to an organization that means a great deal to me on so many levels.

As the newly elected Chairman of the California FFA Foundation Board of Directors, I hope to shine a brighter spotlight on the importance of FFA’s role in addressing the challenges we face in advancing modern agriculture. I want to continue the important mission of the Foundation Board that financially supports the success of the members of this outstanding national youth organization that continues to positively shape and guide during the formative years of our future leaders.

Nasser Dean

My FFA Story

My experience with the FFA literally changed the trajectory of my life. I grew up on a rice farm in rural Northern California where I derived my love, motivation and enthusiasm for production agriculture. After that, it was the FFA that allowed me to channel this passion into leadership opportunities. My FFA Advisor helped to give me purpose through various competitions and getting elected each year as a chapter officer.

I predicate most of my adult life on invaluable principles I picked up from FFA: learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live and living to serve.

About the California FFA Foundation

FFA Logo

The Foundation promotes and assists more than 89,000 California FFA students each year in 344 high schools, by providing award recognition for student projects, competitive team events, leadership development opportunities, scholarships, and more.

The California FFA Foundation Board of Directors is composed of 25 business and industry representatives and six education and program oversight representatives. Business and industry representatives include prominent leaders from the wine industry, ag finance, accountancy, ag input suppliers, livestock (cattle and dairy), state trade associations, public policy advocates, attorneys, and growers/ranchers.


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