1st Annual Bayer Showcase Plot Tours!

The 1st annual Bayer Showcase Plot Tours promises to deliver diverse solutions and expertise for your most pressing crop challenges. For a sneak peak of the tours, see below, and check back often for updates and photos from the events!

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We look forward to seeing you there!

Sneak Peak

From planting to harvest, our products take you through your three most critical steps to maximum profitability – planning, preparing and protecting to succeed each season. Join us at the tours to see how you can get the most out of every acre.

Plan. Prepare. Protect. Succeed. Bayer Showcase Plot ToursPlan

At the heart of every successful season is a well-laid plan. From simply better trait solutions, to new varieties, we have what you need to plan your season and get the most out of your fields.


Thousands of factors can jeopardize the establishment and emergence of healthy young plants. But with over 100 years in the seed treatment business, we have you covered. From a new mode of action in cottonseed treatments to the only seed treatment solution for soybean sudden death syndrome, let us show you what our R&D teams have been up to.


You never know what weather conditions you’ll face, so controlling the other conditions surrounding your crop as much as possible is vital. Let us share with you some of the most powerful solutions in crop protection from the #1 scab reducer in wheat to the only working non-selective herbicide on the market* to new chemistries to maximize performance.


A healthy crop is the result of many critical decisions and inputs. We help you deliver the best for your fields every step of the way, ensuring maximize yield and profit potential.

Crop Solutions

News Releases

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Showcase Days Help Growers Resolve Crop Production Challenges

Growers around the country are invited to visit a local Showcase Days event and learn about the most recent advances in managing weed resistance; sudden death syndrome in soybeans; nematode pressure; and other agronomic challenges. The events will also feature seed traits, varieties and hybrids. Read More >>

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