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Bayer CropScience cottonseed brands FiberMax and Stoneville

Bayer CropScience cottonseed brands FiberMax and Stoneville claim the majority of U.S. acres

Bayer CropScience cottonseed brands FiberMax® and Stoneville® were planted on a majority – 50.2 percent – of U.S. cotton acres in 2010, the fourth consecutive year the company ranked as the market share leader. After 12 consecutive years of growth, FiberMax is now the No. 1 planted cottonseed brand in the United States.

According to the recent U.S. Department of Agriculture acreage report, FiberMax and Stoneville cotton seed brands represent 39 percent and 11.2 percent of the total U.S. market share, respectively. The report, “Cotton Varieties Planted — 2010 Crop,” is issued each year by the USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Cotton Program division in Memphis.

In 2010, FiberMax increased its total U.S. market share by 4.5 percent from 2009. Five of the top seven most planted varieties in the U.S. are FiberMax, including the No. 1 most planted variety in the Cotton Belt. Compared to 2009, FiberMax maintained its leadership position in the Southwest and tripled market share in the Southeast.

“The continued growth of FiberMax across the Cotton Belt demonstrates a wide adaptability and shows that Bayer CropScience provides growers with market-leading germplasm combined with the latest trait technologies that consistently deliver good profit potential,” said Jeff Brehmer, U.S. FiberMax and Stoneville marketing manager.

In 2010, Stoneville was the market share leader in the Mid-South, planted on 38.7 percent of the acres. Four of the top six planted varieties in the Mid-South were Stoneville varieties. In the Southeast and Southwest geographies, Stoneville increased market share by 23 percent and 24 percent, respectively, compared to 2009.

According to Brehmer, grower success with Stoneville varieties is due to their consistent performance that delivers high yields and profit potential. The portfolio of newer Stoneville varieties has seen rapid adoption by growers looking for trusted germplasm and innovative trait technology.

This year’s report shows that nine of the top 15 most widely planted cotton varieties in 2010 are Bayer CropScience varieties. FM 9058F, a FiberMax variety with Roundup Ready® Flex, was the most widely planted variety in the United States. FM 9160B2F was the most widely planted variety stacked with Bollgard II®/Roundup Ready Flex across the Cotton Belt among all cottonseed brands. FM 9063B2F and FM1740B2F were the second and third most planted varieties with this technology. These four varieties account for more than one-fourth of all U.S. planted acres.

In 2010, Bayer CropScience is evaluating experimental varieties for yield and fiber quality characteristics in its cotton breeding program and Cotton Agronomic Performance (CAP) trials. These varieties include new proprietary traits from Bayer CropScience, such as GlyTol® glyphosate-tolerant technology and stacked varieties with both GlyTol and LibertyLink® traits. Double-stacked varieties with GlyTol and LibertyLink will give growers the ultimate choice in nonselective herbicide programs.

“As we look to the future, Bayer CropScience will continue its innovation by increasing the trait options available in our cottonseed brands,” Brehmer said. “Cotton growers will have options for weed and insect control and resistance management with proprietary traits such as LibertyLink and GlyTol from Bayer CropScience.” USDA compiles estimates of various cotton varieties planted in the U.S. for 2010 from information surveys made by the Cotton Program classing offices of ginners, seed dealers, Extension agents and other knowledgeable sources. The full report can be accessed at:

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