Making Science Make Sense Teacher Workshop II

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Please join us for this year's 'Making Science Make Sense' Science Teacher Workshop with all new experiments!

Wednesday July 27, 2016
8 am – 4 pm
Crop Science, a Division of Bayer
Research Triangle Park, NC

NOTE: Registration for the workshop has closed.

Please direct questions to Debbie Koufas.

Thank you for participating in Making Science Make Sense.

What to Expect

The goal of the Science Teacher Workshop is to provide teachers with the understanding and resources needed to promote an interest in science to elementary age students. Through our Making Science Make Sense program, Bayer is committed to improving science education in the communities where our employees live and work, putting into practice our company’s mission statement and commitment to “Science for a Better Life.”

The workshop will include three of our hands-on science experiment sessions, a poster and science demonstration session, as well as interactive tours of Bayer Seed Treatment, Greenhouse and Bee Care Center facilities.

The three experiment sessions will focus on:

  • pH
  • Chromatography
  • DNA/genetics

The course includes a session ‘From Teacher to Teacher’, where two elementary school teachers from the Keenan Fellows Program will be sharing their experience as well as science experiments and field trip ideas.

Workshop PreWork

We will offer two certifications for attending the Science Teacher Workshop.

  1. Certificate of Attendance – this certification is for those who do not need a CEU for attending the workshop. If you do not need a CEU, you do not need to do the pre-work and can just show up on Wednesday, July 27th 2016.

  2. Certificate for CEU credit – this certification will be used to send to your county office for CEU credit. In order to get credit for 1 CEU, you need to participate in 10 hours of instruction. Your pre-work exercise is required for you to fulfill the other 3 hours of the workshop to earn 1 CEU.


We are asking that you write up an experiment that you have done or are planning to do in your classroom with your students.  You can write up your experiment in Word or create a poster in PowerPoint.  If you create a poster, we will print the poster for you and have it displayed at the workshop during the poster session.  Your experiment should be written in your own words. 

If your school provides kits for science experiments, you can take one of the kit experiments and write it up in your own words. The more detailed the information in your write-up the better. The goal is to create a procedure that others can follow to conduct your experiment.

If you have pictures of the experiment, add them to the write-up. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words in helping to explain something. If you have adapted an experiment from the internet, please cite the source (i.e. website, etc.). Include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Grade
  • School
  • E-mail address
  • NCSCOS Objectives

All pre-work experiments will be compiled and given to you on a flash drive at the end of the workshop. You will walk away with experiments from fellow teachers in addition to the ones performed at the workshop.

Pre-work experiments should be emailed to Debbie Koufas ( no later than Friday, July 22nd 2016.


Posters should be sized 48”x36” and will be printed by Bayer.

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