2016 Young Farmer Sustainability Award Application

Deadline: January 15, 2016

(NC, VA, CA, TX, etc.)
(dairy, grain, etc.)
Applying as:
Briefly describe your responsibilities in the management of your business.
Please list other operators/business partners if any and their relationship to you.
What activities make up your business? Please indicate what percentage
of total gross income is represented by each segment of your business.
(include 2015 acres for each key crop you grow)
(list number and type of animals marketed per year, i.e. market hogs, feeder pigs, dairy cows milked, fed cattle, feeder cattle, other)
How many employees (below the management level) are involved in your farm/ranch?
Business Structure:
List your work experience (both on and off the farm) that have prepared you for your current role in your operation, or that have influenced your approach to farming.
ESSAY QUESTIONS. Submit typed responses to the following questions and attach them to the application. There is no length requirement; however, your completed responses should be no more than three pages, double-sided. For any of the questions, you may also submit relevant photos.

1. Why did you enter farming and what were your original goals? What are they now?

2. What are the primary challenges you have faced and overcome in your operation as a young producer?

3. Describe a business innovation/practice that you have developed or use that makes your farm business more sustainable in any of the following areas (Be sure to include any results and provide any available documentation that might support your statements - for example, financials, newspaper articles, industry awards):
   (1) farm finance
   (2) family/employee relations
   (3) environmental

4. Describe any additional efforts toward sustainability on your farm, i.e., conservation efforts, new technologies, community enhancement, or "out-of-the-box" business practices. Be sure to include results achieved where applicable.

5. What does "sustainability" mean to you?

Name your file: fname-lname-mmdd-essay.docx (i.e. john-doe-1204-essay.docx)
REFERENCES. i.e. CPA, lender, business leader or consultant
(First & Last Name, Title, Address, Phone Number)
(First & Last Name, Title, Address, Phone Number)
Please attach a letter from your reference. Name your file: fname-lname-mmdd-reference1.docx (i.e. john-doe-1204-reference1.docx)
Please attach a letter from your second reference if applicable. Name your file: fname-lname-mmdd-reference2.docx (i.e. john-doe-1204-reference1.docx)
I grant permission for Bayer to contact the following references for information about my farm, including my financial progress. (Please attach letters from references.)
By clicking this check box, I certify that the above information is accurate and agree to appear in subsequent publicity of this award, should I win.

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