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We are constantly updating our diverse portfolio of crop protection products with a focus on offering proven broad-spectrum weed, pest and disease control, easier crop management and the time saving technologies for maximizing crop production and enhancing profitability.

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Bayer’s innovative herbicides fight the weeds that threaten your citrus. These herbicides control weed pressure and provide reliable, season-long control.

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Alion® Herbicide
A superior solution for pre-emergence control of a broad range of grass and broadleaf weeds.

Johnsongrass in the early stages of growthControlling Costly Weeds in Citrus Groves
Producers who proactively manage weeds benefit from clean groves and improved resource efficiency.


Bayer fungicides offer growers control of the toughest citrus diseases. Our products feature multiple modes of action that protect crops from leaf surface to plant core.

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Luna® Fungicide
Unprecedented control of some of the most problematic fungal diseases.


Bayer insecticides control damaging insects in your citrus. Cost-effective and absorbed quickly, these insecticides are a key part of integrated pest management programs.

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Movento® Insecticide
A revolutionary tool for managing Asian citrus psyllids, red scale, rust mites and nematodes.

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Sivanto® Insecticide
Precisely targets key damaging pests while helping safeguard beneficial insects.

orange groveThe Growing Threat of Asian Citrus Psyllid
Vigilant pest control is necessary to protect California citrus.

orangesReducing Red Scale Populations with Movento
California red scale affects most of the state's citrus-growing regions, attacking trees and inflicting serious damage.

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Protect against above- and below-ground pests.// LEARN MORE
Vigilant pest control is necessary to protect California citrus.
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