Proline Use on Peanuts

Proline® is a powerful, broad-spectrum fungicide that provides excellent disease protection while maximizing yield potential in peanuts. Proline may be applied in furrow at planting or early emergence for suppression of important soil-borne and foliar diseases. See for yourself the effect of a Proline application, as illustrated in the on-farm trials shown below.
Proline Emergence
Proline demonstrates noticeable control of health-damaging disease over untreated whether applied in-furrow at planting or at early emergence. Trial conducted at Black Shank Farm by University of Georgia, Tifton, GA 2010. Use rate 5.7 fl oz/A.
Proline Emergence
Right half of field treated at early emergence with Proline 5.7 fl oz/A; left side is untreated. (Limb rot, Colquit Co, 2011)
Proline Chart
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