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Calculator IconDiscover how Prosaro® fungicide can help maximize your wheat and barley yields. The MyYield Calculator allows you to estimate your total return on investment when growing with Prosaro. The cereal grain yield calculator is an easy way to learn exactly how much you can gain with the broad-spectrum disease control of Prosaro.

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Simply click the orange Yield Info button to view yield data, enter your acreage, sales price per bushel and more, and discover your potential return on investment for wheat and other cereal crops. To find possible rebates and evaluate the full potential of Prosaro, visit Innovation Plus™, because when it comes to growing, every seed, every ounce and every acre counts.

Potential yield increase of 13.4 bu/a
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Prosaro® fungicide offers powerful activity against leaf and head diseases and is proven to increase yield and quality. In replicated research trials, Prosaro is shown to increase yields in winter wheat by an estimated 13.4 bu/A and in spring wheat by an estimated 6.3 bu/A.

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