Dividends that Go Beyond Disease Control

5 Reasons to Make an Early Season Fungicide Application

You might take a wait-and-see approach when it comes to fungicides in your corn. Commodity prices are down, so you are planning to save money by spending less on your inputs. That means you won’t apply a fungicide unless you see disease developing. That’s the best approach, right?

Actually, maybe it’s not. You know the saying – sometimes you have to invest a little to get a lot.

A number of ROI models demonstrate that yields increase with early season fungicide application in corn. It’s enough of an increase that the fungicide more than pays for itself, even if corn prices fall below $3/bu.

Field trials show that early season fungicide application – when corn is between the V4 and V7 growth stages – can help improve corn yields, even when disease never presents itself. The price of a 2 oz. application is less than that of more conventional fungicide applications, so the practice has a low cost of entry compared to potential yield gains.

Apply Stratego YLD early season
V4 to V7 on Farm Yield Response

“Early season fungicide application to your corn can deliver dividends beyond disease control and yield preservation”
- Randy Myers, Ph.D.
Product Development Manager, Bayer

Why Apply Early?

“One reason growers might not consider applying a fungicide so early in the year is because no lesions or other disease indicators are present. They might show up later in the season, or not develop at all in a given year,” said Jody Wynia, marketing Manager, Corn. “However, an early season fungicide application to your corn can deliver dividends beyond disease control and yield preservation. Fungicides actually help maximize yield potential, even in the absence of disease.”

Regardless of whether fungal disease finds your crop, a fungicide applied early in the season can improve overall corn crop yield. In a study of nearly 200 field trials, a single early season application of Stratego® YLD fungicide increased yields an average of 6.8 bu/A.

Cost-Effective Option

Stratego YLD can still contribute to profits that more than pay for the fungicide application. Certain fungal diseases such as eyespot can seem insignificant at first. Growers may not consider an early fungicide application in an attempt to save on input costs, especially if it appears that corn prices might decline. But these small clusters of measly spots can have a surprisingly large impact on stalk quality and overall yield come harvest time. Because plants are smaller at early season application, less fungicide is needed for adequate coverage. In addition to an early start on plant health and maximizing yield potential, you can also tankmix Stratego YLD with many postemergence herbicide sprays, minimizing application costs in fuel, equipment and labor.

ROI of Stratego YLD V4-V7 application“With the price of Stratego YLD set by distributors and retailers, we ran ROI calculations using an average industry price of Stratego YLD and assuming it is applied in a tankmix with a postemergence herbicide. Based on these numbers, our ROI models show the yield increase seen with an early application of Stratego YLD will more than pay for itself, even if we see $3/bu corn,” Myers explained.

Five Reasons To Use Stratego YLD Early Season

  1. Ensures increased yield

  2. In a sample of almost 200 field trials, a single application of Stratego YLD across V4 to V7 growth stages saw an average increase of 6.8 bu/A.

  3. Cost Effective

  4. Saves time and money by mixing at rates as low as 2 fl oz/A and is compatible with many post-emergence herbicides, including Laudis®, Liberty®, and glyphosate.

  5. Maintains plant vitality

  6. Unlike many other fungicides, Stratego YLD contains two modes of action – strobilurin + triazole – to offer one of the broadest spectrums of disease protection in the marketplace, fighting most major fungal diseases in corn.

  7. Improves stalk strength for harvestability

  8. Reduces risk of lodging and green snap, keeping stalks stronger even in the face of adverse weather such as wind and hail for better harvestability.

  9. Protects lower leaves and new growth

  10. Acts as a shield against diseases such as eyespot, anthracnose leaf blight and gray leaf spot, preventing such infections from spreading upward to the middle and upper leaves. Plus, Stratego YLD moves systemically but also has a unique movement, collecting with moisture on the outside of the leaves to protect new leaf growth from early season infections.

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