Early Season Application: Benefits

Early Season Application: Benefits

A Critical Growth Phase

Despite a history of fungicidal application between the VT and R2 growth stages, many growers are now realizing the benefits of using Stratego® YLD fungicide between the V4 and V7 stages of corn. During these stages, corn plants go through critical changes that will impact the yield potential of the field. Having to secure all of their own nutrients and resources for the first time, plants are very susceptible to environmental stresses and diseases. Applying Stratego YLD at this phase is not only convenient, but it also offers early season disease control and more complete plant coverage.

Stratego YLD Early Season Application Benefits:

  • Disease protection of young plants against anthracnose leaf blight and eyespot, among others
  • Improved stalk strength with reduced risk of lodging and green snap for better harvestability
  • Greener plants with a better window of grain fill
  • Bigger yields result from early season application when combined with a tassel spray than from a tassel spray alone

Maximize Your Yield Potential

Applied early season alone or in combination with tassel sprays, Stratego YLD has been proven to increase yields. In fact, in 2011, applications at early season provided an average 6.3 bu/A yield increase over untreated checks.

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