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Stratego Fungicide
Long-lasting Disease Protection for Rice

Healthy Fields. Higher Yields.

Stratego® fungicide offers broad-spectrum disease control under a wide range of environmental conditions in corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, barley, oats, peanuts and pecans. With its unique plant surface retention and redistribution action, Stratego improves coverage, boosts a plant's natural defense system and fights disease better. And best of all, it can provide a real bump to your overall yield.

Key Benefits for Rice

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Effective disease control of sheath blight, leaf blast, brown spot, narrow brown leaf spot, kernel smut, leaf smut and suppression of false smut
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Maximizes yield potential and milling quality
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Can incorporate a tankmix of Gem® 500 SC fungicide for even longer-lasting, broad-spectrum disease control
Unique plant surface retention and redistribution properties for improved coverage and better disease control
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Boosts a plant's natural defense system for healthier, stronger plants
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Two different modes of action protect plants from a broad spectrum of yield-robbing diseases and reduce the likelihood of developing resistance
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Rainfast within two hours
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Low use rate – 14.0 oz/A to 19.0 oz/A

Effective Against

Sheath blight, spot and rust
Brown blotch
Brown spot
Leaf smut
Leaf blast
Kennel smut
Neck blast

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