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Velum® Prime Nematicide/Fungicide
Wide-Spectrum Nematode Control for Cucurbits

A Novel Nematode Solution for Higher Quality and Yield

Velum® Prime is a new nematicide with fungicidal activity for grower of cucurbits to apply via chemigation to help provide higher yields through suppression of wide range of nematodes.

Velum Prime’s early-season activity has been shown to protect root health and to help establish the crop providing growers with the confidence that they are helping obtain the best return on their investment and helping maximize yield.

Key Benefits for Cucurbits

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Root health protection to help establish the crop
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Increased yield
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Wide-spectrum nematicidal activity
Suppression of key diseases such as powdery mildew
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Ease of application – drip chemigation

Effective Against

Powdery mildew

Registered Crops



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